I'm Pro-Choice and I Vote!


Sorry in advance for the pills I'm gonna swallow.
I can't (or else I surely would) apologize tomorrow.
It's the permanence of life itself, it's at an all time low.
The tide-high blue of the freshwater sea has nothing
more I need.
It's as if the only pure light the reflections
have is memories. More memories.
And I'd stab myself now for attempting to be deep.
I should just stop digging, I've nothing you will need.
And fuck the long-haired poets and inquiring cops
and memories. Oh memories.
A young woman holds her infant in her
arms, the baby's smile is a clouded moon.
Her eyes scream, "Sorry in advance for the
pills I'm gonna swallow."
Deep down..."When they asked if I wanted
a termination, I should've told the truth."