The storm came up with out warning.
That night, i thought about all that had happened. That morning we had all been so happy... in the yard, my little brother sat with our new puppy, waiting for our cousins to come, just as they always did this time of year, cheerful and laughing, not a worry among them. They came, right on time, just as our auntie always did. Ha, auntie. Our auntie. My auntie. But no.
I sat that night, laying in my bed, legs against the wall, trying to get comfortable and not think, not to cry.
Why didn't they tell me sooner, i wondered to myself. I'm so much. So much they said... I'm nothing! that's all i am, is nothing, and yet, so much is riding on me now they say, but why? why should i care at all what's riding on me? all these years... so many lies, no not lies they say, secrets, no, not secrets, just something i couldn't be told yet they say. No, not yet, they say, not yet.
But why now?
I remember my cousin, Amy, she was always my favorite, a year older than me, gorgeous and smart, everything i want to be. Her strong figure, tall, was taken down, but by what, i didn't know. there was nothing different about her as i could see, but then i noticed, when she came from the other side of the van i could see her, unblocked by the windows, she was in a wheelchair, her mother wheeling her, then i noticed, her arms... ripped off from below the elbows. I knew then, could tell, somewhere down inside me, something was strangely amiss, and i was involved, whether i wished to be or not.
I stare out now, at that storm, the deep sky engulfing all that comes near, the storm that came that night as i lay in my bed, and that has not resided to this day, and that i know never will, because of what i did, i drove that storm in, with no warning at all, even to myself. That storm...

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