Empty Existence

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought...


Nor against whom -

Robots, computers, technology?

Will the viruses, fungi and bacteria

Infect the bodies of virtual men

Who will drop their weapons, cry in pain...


Muted cannons, silent guns

Spread out across the empty field

On the shiny, black platform -

The future dependent on no more

Than the next combination.


No more fallen bodies

Found on the battlefields.

Simply...fading away

Into eternity - as nothing more

Than a figment of our imagination.


Looming on the edge

So close, yet so far,

World War Three;

The Unknown world;

The digital realm awaits...


But World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

A/N: This was done for school, with a friend of mine (known as Faerie-Kitsu on DeviantART). Basically, it had to relate to war, and wasn't allowed (unfortunately) to rhyme. It's not really the highest possible standard, I/we know, but...Anyway, do leave a review!

Since we wanted to stand out (& look weird), we decided to do it on a more futuristic theme. Of course, that means we can't leave out our credits to Albert Einstein for his cool quote :D

Hope you enjoyed it, now review!