Marching in preparation for going to war

You're in the Army Now

Marching in preparation for going to war

Fitness and health are more important than before

Putting yourself through stress and strain

Only to never see your friends and family again

Finally you are trained but not nearly enough

You think you're ready for war and that you're real tough

You board that train and say goodbye to them all

You leave that station standing so tall

Approaching the boats that will take you from your home land

Approaching the men that will kill you with their hands

Joy, excitement and a little bit of nervousness are felt

Any fear about going are kept well below the belt

Docking in foreign lands, no longer feeling so brave

In this foreign land which shall make your grave

Weapons at the ready, missiles fly over your head

Wishing that you'd just had the sense to stay in bed

Terror rises in the pit of your stomach, making you be sick

Bombs explode all around you and at your feet the fire licks

You make a run for the safety of the banks on the sand

Having no idea what could be behind them in this foreign land

And you think of your family and all you left behind

You hear the scream of a child, as if to remind

And you know there's no way out of this hell you're now in

And there's no way to escape all of this terrible sin

You're finger on the trigger but I just don't feel right

As you look at all the bodies that were lost in this fight

And you look at the experienced soldiers who don't give a damn

Like the older kids at school when you sit your first exam

It's over, you're alive and the next fight is soon going to be fought

You wish that during training about this you were taught

But it's too late to change your mind; you're in the army now

Backing down in a fight is something they wouldn't allow