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So this is how it feels to be around the one you love without actually being able to have them. There's a sense of longing and want that radiates from deep inside. I had long ago accepted that I could never have her, that she was never meant to be mine... however I've also realized that... to have the ability to love to such a degree that I could let her be happy with another man is amazing. Some may say that I never truly loved her if I let her be with someone else.

I say that's a complete lie.

I loved everything about her. I loved her sweet voice, her long soft hair. I loved her bright eyes that always seemed to sparkle. I loved her compassionate nature, and her natural maternal instincts that showed whenever she was with little Sarah. I loved how a smile from her would light up a room and make everyone feel at home. I loved how whenever she hugged me she'd give me an extra squeeze before she let go. Most of all, I loved how much trust she had in me...

I've seen her at her worst, when her one and only had pulled himself out of her life... and yet she still managed to form a strong friendship with me... she trusted me enough not to leave her like he did, that I'd be there to protect her. Her trust was not misplaced; I will always be around to protect her, to make sure she will always have someone to fall back on. Whether she knew it or not... I'd always catch her.

I believe that when you love someone...truly love someone... your only goal is to see them happy. She was happy with someone else so I let her go.

I could've fought for her I suppose, shown her that I could make her happy. I probably could've won her over at the time... and we could've had a nice loving relationship...

But I knew him well enough that he'd see the light eventually and come back to her. I also knew her well enough that she would always love him, even if she was with me. So I saved us all a lot of heartache and just didn't pursue a relationship with her.

I still love her now, but I'm not going to let that stop me from finding my own happy ending. I've seen what happens when you dwell on what could not be. It's not a pretty picture. People's hearts get broken, torn apart even... and the only person who tore it apart would be able to fix it.

Her heart got fixed though... and for that reason alone, I will not interfere with their relationship.

She doesn't need me to be her guardian angel anymore, but that's ok.

There's a girl out there for me, a girl who needs me... a girl that wants me to love her.

I just have to find her.