you don't worry about

how we feel or

the illnesses we suffer

because of you;

you're not concerned about

how restless we are

or how everyone's involved

solely to save you

from something you don't believe

but we know will happen;

you don't take our words,

our heart, and our feelings

into consideration,

no, of course you don't,

you merely care about

his reputation

and how i might have

ruined it with words

in an angry poem.

you don't care about

the poem where i wept

and bled my heart out,

regarding you-

but just the poem,

written in a moment

of emotional insanity,

of clich├ęd heartbreak

can stir your feelings

and upset you far more

than anything else.

so this is where

our friendship lays?

five long years

and you just don't care.

oh, how i find it hilarious

in such a bitter way.