Note: This is a story based on a character I created with video game designing in mind. I hope to one day get this guy in a video game. Details are sketchy, so bear with it. ;D


"Techno…let's see what I remember. I created this program back when pop was cool and named it TECHNO v1. It was a nice little program. You would stick it in your DJ mixer set or whatever you used to play your music and it would aid you in keeping your music organized and ready to go. There was even this little avatar that went with the program; a disproportionate animated figure with a femme attitude. I guess I created an avatar to go with it to keep it interesting. Or maybe it was the beer. Whatever the case, the avatar didn't do much. Talked in a choppy mechanical voice and used computer nerd language to communicate. It was nothing much, really, a buffer program.

"And then came the new generation of pop culture. Hip hop became rampant, as well as underground DJs striving to make a living spinning sets in clubs. Mixers became high tech and pretty soon turned virtual. Old DJ sets, as well as TECHNO v1, became obsolete and forgotten as DJs used their own computers to help keep the tracks in line. I was out of a job, and was struggling to find work as a programmer in an age of automatic programming.

"Two years later, it has become as common as video gaming to go to nightclubs and dance the night away with DJs spinning beats on a sizable stage. It became part of life. Every thing became associated with music. It became practically impossible to live without good music.

"I guess somebody became disgusted with the current culture, as something began to infest nightclubs all over the world. Strange things started happening, ranging from glitches in the virtual record to full out satanic quotes masking out music. There was an outcry all over the world. It was on the front page of Yahoo!, and every TV station from CNN to the BBC were covering it. Nightclubs started closing down.

"It didn't stop there. The virus spread to the internet, shutting down the World Wide Web, disrupted television signals, played with the traffic lights, and caused mass blackouts in many cities around the world. It also started to mutate, making it almost impossible to extinguish. We even gave the virus a name: The Black Plague.

"I, now an out of work programmer, was inspired to return to my passion days. I labored hard for three months, day and night, to perfect my new creation, using an old isolated computer in the basement of my rented house. I used some code from TECHNO v1 as well as other strings of code to create my ultimate giving."

"TECHNO v2."

"Yeah, I guess I could have given him a catchier name, but TECHNO v2 would do. This new program would be a crime fighter, cleaning out the virus from its source. DJ virtual sets. Its limits and powers would be based on the music flowing through it. Why music, you ask? Music is as varied as life, and can be one of the most powerful and influential things on this planet. With this variation, my program would be as flexible as the Black Plague. I, as with all my programs, created a visual avatar to make TECHNO v2 more user friendly. This avatar, instead of being the blocky femme TECHNO v1 symbolized, would be hip, with an easy going, kicked back attitude. His attire would be armored to symbolize the many evasion and counter codes installed within him. He would have high tech goggles to symbolize his search and destroy algorithms. He would be unstoppable.

"Now, all I had to do was hand off the CD carrying TECHNO v2 to a DJ with a great taste for music and off he would go to the land of the unknown and kick some ass. So, I found one. And boy,what an adventure."

-Peter Dass aka. xFroGx

Creator of TECHNO v2