Hey folks. Got a new song up. It's occured to me that my newer stuff has gotten a tad depressing. I personally like these newer songs the best. Music is best written through emotion, I guess. Which is weird since I'm not actually depressed. But this song really does convey depression well. The feeling that everything around you has drained of color and faded to black. Your so full of despair that nothing matters. Black is the color of despair. So at the risk of being slightly emo, here's the new song. Enjoy.


Obsidian, obsidian!
Can I stop? I'm never gonna win...
My light has gone away again!
Obsidian, obsidian...

This life has turned around on me!
Lost cause is all I'll ever be!
I live the nightmare every day!
Just to sleep and dream it all away...

Obsidian, obsidian!
This misery that just won't end!
Can they see their hearts? Blacker than sin...
Obsidian, obsidian...

I've come so far to no avail!
My dreams have dried out and turned stale...
I'm too sad to smile, too dead to cry...
Too weak to live, too strong to die!

Obsidian, obsidian!
Just let me go, I understand!
Nothing is ever as it's planned...
Obsidian, obsidian!

There's just too much that I've missed!
There's no way it can end like this!
Instead of facing my problems I ran!
The world so bright, has turned obsidian!

And our hearts, they break!
From the words never spoken!
'Cause this worlds too fake!
All that's real has been taken!
So why can't we wake?
From this beautiful nightmare!
My knees are scraped!
From crawling nowhere!
Why do we still fight!
Through this sick desolation!
I'll never make this right!
Can't fix the degeneration!
I still miss the light!
And your crystal laughter!
So I swear I'll try!
To see what comes after...

Obsidian, obsidian...
Obsidian, obsidian!
Obsidian, obsidian!!
Obsidian, obsidian...