The Dream

The Dream.

I once had a dream,

That let off a lot of steam,

I was curse'n,

Cause I was hurt,

I hurt so damn bad,

I was just so sad,

I hurt the person I love.

I was fighting in a war,

Then I shut a door,

Then opened it,

And threw a mighty fit,

I couldn't see whom I was swinging at,

Swinging my mighty axe.

Then I hit her,

Though I'm not sure,

Whether it was night,

But I stopped the fight.

She tried to talk,

"It's alright,

It's all part of the fight,

Just go,

I have no,


And she fell limp,

And like a gimp,

I held her in my arms,

There where no farms,

To run to,

So I yelled out in pain,

With my blood stained,

Hands outstretched,

Wondering why,

Have I,

Done this to the person I love,

Then out flies a snow white dove.