Won't let go

Won't let go.

Tears fall from her face,
as I hold her,
she yells leave,
I won't,
she screams go,
I'll never let go.

She lies there,
broken and shaking,
she cries out why,
But I won't let go,

He comes for a second round,
I won't let go,
The room whirls,
I hear her scream,
I hear him howl,
I can't let go.

I lie there,
broken on the floor;
she promises I'll be all right,
that I'm looking better,
than Him.

He lays on the floor,
sprawled out,
like something wicked,
His breathing heavy,
He's letting go.

I try to yell,
but not a word,
the pain is bad
no worse then she has bared.

She promises not to let go,
but I know I have to.
She's crying,
not for her,
nor for what happened,
but for me,
a single tear runs down my cheek,
we meet a gaze,
and she knows what I'm about to do.
She looks down at my mangled and twisted body,
and she stops crying,
she knows I'm letting go,
I hold her hand up in the air,
she screams no,
but it's too late,
I'm gone.