Rise Again

I rise even higher this time
And slowly lose touch of the old rhymes
Sometimes, it takes more then one flight
To perceive a new light

Even now, the Poet's Wine grows dim
And the Singer was a passing whim
How many times did I trace my name?
On different hearts that were all the same

In the new light, the shadows all come out
The candle still burns without any doubt
Stone walls are gone too, I don't need a shield
This is the last time I visit the old field
I'm going to give the new one a chance
Just walk away without a second glance

I'll put up an occasional fence
When an occasional fog gets a little dense
Don't walk away from one more try
The man on the moon can sometimes cry

And sometimes I still do
It's just that the meaning is new
Someday, my starships will fly
I don't have to give a reason why