Molly stood at the threshold of Zane's hospital room. She had walked here on autopilot, not realizing where she was headed. To make matters worse, she had apparently memorized the room number. She inhaled deeply, tried to clear her mind, and stepped inside… an empty room. The bed was neatly made. The room smelled of Lysol and air freshener. There was a nurse pacing around, straightening things that had been missed the first time around. Molly's heart sank. He was gone. And she had no idea where.

Apparently, the doctor had not been talking about broken bones. He had been talking about Zane's discharge. Zane was so zoned out, he didn't even realize that he'd signed the papers. As the staff left him to get his things in order, he found himself anxious to leave. What if Molly came back to see him? He wouldn't be here. He would miss a precious opportunity to talk to her. To be in her presence. Despite his anxiety, he came to a conclusion. Of course he would leave. She probably wouldn't come back anyway. And if she did, it wouldn't be for him. The first time she came was a chance encounter. Besides, what reason would she have for seeing him? He was alive. That's all that mattered right? That he was alive? So she'd have nothing weighing down her conscience? Zane shook away the disappointment and went to collect his things.

Molly was…not devastated…not shocked…but…disappointed. He wasn't here. She had spent so much time deliberating and deciding that she'd missed him completely. She had no idea when he'd left. He could be anywhere by now. He could even be outside of Los Angeles. Discouraged, she left the room, but continued to walk down the halls. So many wings, so many rooms. So many voices. Though she hated the smell, she was starting to discover that she really liked this place. It was fascinating. Molly thought about the man named Seth, the one who saw her, the one who knew she was there. Was he still here? If she couldn't see Zane, she resolved, she'd see him. Molly listened closely. She didn't hear him. She thought about showing herself to one of the many nurses bustling around and asking. She quickly shook off the idea. Too many potential questions to answer. Even more discouraged than before, she pivoted and immediately walked out onto the street.

Zane signaled to a cab. Where to go? His parents were the last people he wanted to see. His friend Jon was out of town with family. Zane waved away the cab that pulled up. He had nowhere to go. He was alone.

Seth sat quietly in his kitchen, sipping tea. He'd seen Molly walking around on his way out today. He had considered going up to her, but didn't . It would be a very odd sight, a man talking to something that everyone thought wasn't there. He had also seen a young man outside the hospital. He looked very lost, alone. Seth had thought about offering him a ride or to stay the night. He stopped himself. He had grown out of his naivete, but there are still moments when he had to catch himself. He realized later that this boy had to be the mysterious Zane. He regretted not talking to Molly now. She was probably looking for him. And she looked lost and alone as well.