The Wolf inside of Me

I look fine, don't I?!

Maybe a little rough around the edges.

Maybe a few stains could be cleaned

or maybe I could shave a little.

What are you staring at?!

I am no different from you, I assure you.

You have nothing to worry about.

I do not kill, it is not my nature

But it is the other's nature...

Are you really all that scared

or are you just too blind to see

there's nothing I can do

about this Wolf inside of Me!

It's the look in my eyes, isn't it?!

These eyes, blackened from experience

your innocent white mind

knows nothing about.

But the other one has yet more experiences...

Why do you act this way

can you not even try to see

I can't put up a fight against

this Wolf controlling Me!

Why do you alienate me?!

You shun me, throw me in the corner

Stab me from behind bars

cruelty as if I were an animal

But you are an animal...

Why are you all so frightened

when it is now plain to see

There's no more steps for me to take

The Wolf has conquered me.

Thirst renewed

Smell reborn

New eyes focus in the night

my fang├Ęd muzzle HOWLS!

Now you see!

You knew all along!

I am not one of you!

There is something inside of me!

My thirst is quenched by blood!

My hunger sated by flesh!

I exact Judgment

I take Vengeance

I repay.

Now you in your last fleeting breath

Beg for mercy.


And ye shall receive naught but that which is owed unto thee.

Do not Beg.



Realization bleeds out your neck,

judgment passed on the judge.

Verdict, guilty.

Sentence, death.

Ye who hath judged shalt likewise be judged by He who doth judge all.

Am I a messenger?

No. Far from it.

I take that which is not mine.




I am not a messenger of God.

Merely a rabid wolf, in a forest of hunters.