You are no Angel

I can hardly believe it now

all my premonitions, they ring true

my only question now is how

I ever thought so much of you.

You with your feelings hollow

and your hundreds of faces blank

my existence they threatened to swallow

as your soul's smell grew steadily rank.

You are no Angel

Hear these words and feel the truth

You are no Angel

Deluded no more, you've lost your youth.

Your angelic features fade before my eyes

Showing a coldly evil grin

An old friend I've grown to despise,

hollow emotion, true sin.

Your bloodied wings melt to beggar's robes

as you fall shrieking to the floor

all your games and traps and mental probes

have gone flying out the door

You are no Angel

You have no God

You have no Truth

You've become the lies you tell, and that's the only thing that's true.

Now tell me what you see in the mirror when the lies look back at you.