The 7 Sin's

The 7 Sin's

By: Shea Maack

Introduction: There are 7 deadly sin's

1 Sloth

2 Gluttony

3 Wrath

4 Vanity

5 Envy

6 Lust

7 Greed

You know about them, you've heard about them but did you ever think of where they came from? I'm not talking about some old religious guy came up with them either. What would you do if I said they were true? Or should I say they are real sort of alive, not human exactly. With all the sin's people commit how do you think that the devil gets it all done with all the people in the world? He doesn't do it all but instead sends his daughters to. Can you guess what I mean? Well let me just start off and say that one teenager has an unfortunate encounter, that teenager Benji Adams.

Chapter 1: Meeting your sins

I listened to the stupid alarm clock for 4 minutes before I actually got up and turned it off. I stumbled into my bathroom to get ready for school. "Nngfn" I mumbled as I got into the warm water of the shower. "Benji! Boy you'd better hurry up!" My mother yelled up the stairs. I like usual at this time in the morning ignored everything she said. I really didn't feel like dealing with school today I'm too depressed. See my girlfriend for about 2 years broke up with me over the weekend. How could she though? What did I do wrong? I slipped out of the shower and stood in front of the mirror. I leaned on the sink and stared into the mirror. I'm not exactly ugly… actually I'm far from it! I have black longish hair and dark eyes. I gave myself a half smile in the mirror. These eyes attracted any girl! They would just kind of stare in them for a couple minutes before I made my move. So tell me, how she could break up with me! Remy was her name and she was hot. She had long black hair that had red streaks in it. Big green eyes too. I let out an irritated sigh and started to brush my teeth. No doubt that this is going to spread around school today. I walked back into my organized mess of a room to search for something clean to wear. I found a black Metalica shirt and some dark blue jeans, on which I slipped a chain. I glanced around my room. Now where did I throw my book bag? I touched a pile of clothes with my foot. Not under there. I glanced around again. Did I through it under my bed? I walked over to my bed and looked underneath it. Nope. "Mom have you seen my book bag?" I yelled out of my room. "No." she yelled back. Okay I have no patience as it is so I was getting kind of irked. I searched my closet. Nothing. I check in certain areas of my room that were inhabited by clothes and what not. Zip. I clambered down the stairs and stared at my book bag by the front door. I cursed under my breath. My mother was a very religious person so she didn't approve of a lot of things. For example my taking the gods name in vain, or just plain out cursing. My take on the whole religion thing? I don't really know. I can't say if there's a god and I really don't care whether there is or not. So I basically stay off topic, especially around my mom. But some how when the topic comes up it usually goes like this. "Benji your coming to church Sunday, for the bake sale right?" I mumble in reply," Don't know" which is my way of not getting fully in trouble. She glances at me "You should go the pastor would like to see you." Which in other words means 'I want you to go so the congregation can glare at you then try to drill the fact that you're a sinful teenager and you can be saved if you come to church.' Or something along those lines. I just shrug and say "don't know."Again. This is where the irritation part comes in. "Benji you really should go just stay for the sermon." "I told you I would try" but I highly doubt that I would. The next step is more of the anger "You haven't been in 5 years!" She said letting the anger creep into her voice. "That's because I could never make it!" I said loudly. Then finally comes the reasoning stage. "Listen why don't you just come this Sunday?" she said with a smile. "If I can make it." I said. She let out a frustrated noise. If you couldn't tell we have stages in talks like these. So the last stages is someone gives up, and in this topic it's her. I glanced at the clock "Mom I gotta go…" Hoping to avoid any more conflict with her. I grabbed my bag and raced out the door before she could say anything else. I scratched my head lazily and walked over to my Nissan Altima. I stood there and admired it. A nice new car, all slick and Smokey gray. I opened the door and got in tossing my bag on the passengers seat. I admired the inside of the car for a second before actually starting the car. Then I flipped on the radio and started off, wondering what was in store for me when I went to school. Before I even stepped out of the car I was literally attacked by something. "What the Hell-"I blinked and looked at one of my closest friends, "What are you doing Van?" He pushed me pack in the car and slammed the door closed behind me. I sat there and stared at him for a second. "What?" I said to him getting pissed off by the second. He grinned at me "uh I don't think you'll want to be in school today." He stated matter-o-factly. "Why not?" I said sharply. Did I mention I had a short temper? No? Well I do, it's very short and Van had just caught me on a bad day. I shoved open the door and he jumped back out of the doors wrath. "Benji boy no teacher's seen you yet. Why not take the day off. Sleep for a couple more hours?" I glared at him. "Well maybe I feel like going." I barked and walked into school. I was hoping to see

Remy and talk some sense into her. I headed for were the art room was, her usual spot. I froze in my tracks. I heard Van ran up behind me then mutter a "damn it." I found her alright, practically having sex with Jason Wiles. Instead of going pop which I actually would have like I turned around and stormed out as the first bell rang. "Your not leaving are you Mr. Adams?" Asked one of my teachers; I was too pissed to know who. Without turning around I flipped him off and yelled a "fuck you" Then headed for my car. What the hell was wrong with me? How did I not see that coming? My mind flooded with all the evidence. How she would always lock eyes with him, give him a secretive