Chapter One: The Beginning

" Once in very Generation, there is a new saviour of the world, and since he is alone, we call him The One. There are stipulations: the previuos One, has to have moved on with life (given up his powers), he must have died, or there simply is no need for him anymore. The purpose of The One is to bring back the balence between Good and Evil. They have special powers That can only be accessed via vigourus training. To protect us is a group of highly developed people called, The Order. OUr story starts in 2013 in a little town called Mapleridge."

In a little city called

In a little city, not far from your own, there was a boy who went to high school and it was his first day. He wasn't worried; he thought that it'd be fun new people and new surroundings. He met a young by the name of Megan, they hit it off, and after Andrew asked her out they were inseparable. Andrew had Math, English drama, and geography. Geography is where this story truly begins.
One day while in geography, and was sitting in his chair, as the whole class was screaming and hooting, they had a substitute today. His name was Mr. Harris. Andrew didn't like him, he had a hard face he never looked like he was having fun, and he was mean. Someone in Andrew's class threw a paper ball at Andrew. Andrew was listening to the teacher but he felt the paper ball coming towards him. Andrew turned around and caught it. He looked at his hand, in bewilderment. He was always sluggish, he had never been able to do sports he was always too slow. Bu now he could catch a flying paper ball. He was on top of the world. He could be a baseball outfielder, or even a football player, he had never heard of a 5'6 football player but –
"Excuse me" a boy's voice snapped Andrew back into reality.
"Yea?" Andrew replies.
" How did you do that!"
"? No clue, it was like I felt it sailing through the air, then, boom it was in my hand."
" Really? Interesting…"
"Oh, no reason just wondering is all."
" O.K." Andrew says hesitantly.
" I'm sorry, I'm Buddy."
" Nice to meet you, my name is Andrew."
Andrew and buddy became friends. After sometime Andrew and Buddy grew to be great friends, Buddy's family was rich, whatever buddy wanted he got.
About mid November, Andrew when to drama class as usual, a new walked into the room. Andrew thought she was an angel. Soft brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, an athletic body, Andrew was tripping over himself.
" Hi" Andrew says.
" Hello" her voice rang in his ears.
" Who are you?"
"My name is Megan, and you are?"
" Right, the new , hi I'm Andrew."
"Pleasure to meet you."
" Believe me the pleasure is all mine."
Megan giggles.
" So what brings you to our drama class?"
" I love to act."
" Cool."
So Andrew and Megan became inseparable, Andrew eventually introduced her to Buddy. They all became friends. Eventually. They could both feel that there was something that brought them together, as well as to be friends with Buddy.

One cold winter day buddy asked Andrew to come with him to a place he wanted to show him. As usual Andrew said ok. Andrew told Megan that he was going to Buddy's for the weekend so he wouldn't be home. Megan said ok and they departed with their usual good-bye kiss.
Andrew and buddy start walking from the high school, they walked down the main street and down to the overpass. Andrew got a strange feeling that Buddy wanted to ask him something.
"What is it you want ask me?" Andrew asked.
"Ok well do you remember the day we met?"
"Yea, I caught a paper ball, without seeing it."
"Yes, I have noticed many other things that have made me believe you are the one we have been looking for."
" That's why I've asked you to come with me. Because I think you are 'The One'. My people have been looking for the protector of the people. I cannot tell you much more, due too I have to be sure that u are the one."
" I think I understand."
" But if I'm right and u are the one! I'm very excited."
" So what do we do to tell if I am 'The one' or not."
" Blood sacrifice."
Andrew's face went white. " EXCUSE ME?"
" I'm kidding, no all we do is a couple of tests."
" Do they involve me getting hurt?"
"Not really"
"O.k then"
Andrew and buddy walk down to the water. Neither says anything they just listen to the sound of the waves.
"Here, lies your first task. There's a sand bar 15 feet out in the water, it will be up to your knees (the water)."
"Right…. And what is it I will be doing out there?"
" You'll set yourself on fire." Buddy says smugly.
Andrew turns to leave.
" Where are you going?"
" I'm leaving, you're obviously insane! What in the world makes you think that I would willingly spontaneously combust?"
" Not quite. Your going to stand there, I am going to say a couple of words, if you're the one, this will make you burst into flames, and well lets hope you can control it."
" Lovely."
Andrew walks out into the lake, and on to the sand bar, and waits.
"The water cold?"
"Not really." Though it was.
"Get ready to get warm."
Andrew smiles.
Buddy walks into the water and looks at Andrew hopefully.
Buddy flashes back to his own training, years ago. He was thought to be the one but they were wrong he was only an adept. "The words of power" his master said, "are only for the one, the savior of the world, any other that tries to use their power will not find it."
"Time to use it." Buddy closes his eyes and remembers the words of power.
Andrew stands in the water, watching the fish swim bye his legs. "Wonder what the words of power are. Probably, I've got power, or something cheesy like that." Andrew feels the wind blows in his air, the fresh air, he likes it. All of a sudden Andrews feels like he's being watched. Andrew's ears ring with three words Hena Orohi Kamataru.
Andrew's face begins to get hot, hotter and hotter, too hot, Andrew's skin begins to burn, Andrew screams in pain. Buddy goes to run to Andrew, but he motioned for him not to move. Andrews scream is no longer on of desperation, but one of control, Andrew smiles, and moves his hands. "So this is it huh, cool, I could get used to this."
"Focus on bring your power down to your feet"
Andrew focuses on his feet, and he begins to lift off the ground. Andrew concentrates on dissipating his power. The flames go out. Andrew runs to buddy and drops to his knees.
"That was amazing the power that shot through me, and I started to fly!"
" Did you see what happened below you?"
"Sort of, I wasn't standing on sand anymore, it was glass."
"Yes that was your inner fire, your most powerful weapon."
" I see, what next? I'm starting to like this, it hurt at first, but wow, is all I can say."
"Well, as I understand you're not a very athletic person, are you?"
Andrew laughs. "No I'm not really. Why?"
"Well were going to see how much you can lift."
"… O…. k…. And where do we do that? And how much do I have to lift?"
"We'll see how much you can. You're supposed to lift 5 times your weight. And as for where, were going to the sanctuary. Where the rest of the people that has to train you are. There are some that you will recognize, and others you wont."
" O.k where is it."
"We passed it on the way here."
" We didn't pass anything other than the overpass and we went under that."
Buddy smiles.
" Kind of. It's small, but we are way more developed than the rest of the world."
"How so."
" You'll see when we get there."
"O.k. Hey can I tell Megan?"
" You never know who is on the other side. No one can know other than me and the people you will meet in here."
Andrew and Buddy, walk down to the overpass, Buddy stops and looks at the wall to the left. There a black brick is laid.
"Here, is where your training begins."
Buddy pushes in the black brick. Slowly a door of light opens up.

"The second test is this." Opens the door to a room full of metal tubes. Some were vertical and some were horizontal.

" And what am I supposed to do here?"

"Well we are going to see how flexible you are."

"Sounds painful." Andrew says with a grin on his face.

A woman walks through the door, tall, brown haired woman, deep blue eyes, almond shaped, she had an air around her that Andrew thought she was of great importance.

"Hello." She said in a low soft voice.

"Hi." Andrew puts out his hand. "My name is Andrew."

" My name is Jasmine, I am here to test you."

" I see, and what is my test?"

"I will test your mental capability, as well as you physical capability"

" Well I can't do much for my intellect, what do I do for the physical?"

" We will see."


"So I have heard Mr. Andrew, you know, you are fabled to be the one that saves the world, what do you think about that?"

" Well it's sort of weird, just the other day I was thinking that I was made for a purpose, and a big one at that. To be the savior of all humanity, the savior of all life as we know it? Well it's sort of mind blowing. I don't know, it's just crazy and that I have to go through these trials too see if I am the one that saves the world or if I'm just special."

" I see... And what if you had to destroy someone you love, what would you do. If you had to destroy a child, a group of people what if you had to kill this Megan? Would you be able to do it?"

"Well, I don't know... I don't want to kill anyone, or anything, like I don't understand the whole "ending a life" thing. Why would I have to? Like there's no sense, to destroy someone I love or even someone I don't know."

"So are you saying no?" she raises her eyebrow.

Andrew's face grows hot 'why would she ask me this? There's no purpose for this, how is this my final test? I don't want to kill anyone, is that what I have to be? Is that all the one is, a trained expensive assassin?'


" There is a time for bloodshed and there is a time were words are needed. If I am the one, then I will know when that time is, anyone can kill someone, it's a savior that doesn't need to kill to get something accomplished."

" You are wise Mr. Andrew, there is no doubt, about it" Jasmine starts walking around Andrew, looking at him, as if sizing him up. " You fighting skills are lacking though, we can change that." She bites her lower lip. "I look forward to see what u can do. Now we will see how fast you are" she throws a knife at Andrew, it was as if her hand had never moved. Andrew found himself holding the knife, arm fully extended, eyes like saucers.

"You tried to kill me!!" Andrew exclaims.

"I had confidence that you would catch it. One day Andrew I will wish to test myself against you, it will be no easy feat for either of us, that day comes if Bal teaches you."

" Jasmine, you just tried to kill me, I don't think I what to fight you!"

" One day." Jasmine opens the door

Buddy walks out, "Well I see you alive and in one piece."

Andrew shrugs " no thanks to you, now listen, I really want to leave, I'm getting scared here—"

" Now, now, you've passed the tests thus far, so now there is only one more, and this will be the one that decides whether or not you are the one or not. The other's where to test your abilities" 'though I already know you are the one.'

Buddy's thought's go back to last night, back in the room of light. "Master I believe I have found the one. He is young, but not unreachable." Buddy says enthusiastically.

" I see, and who is this boy? Do we know his family?" says a white hooded figure.

" We do, it's HIS son."

"Are you sure?"

" We've checked many times his mother confirms it."

" Watch him carefully, we don't want the past to repeat it's self."

"Yes, master."

Andrew is led into a room that is all metal, there are little burns all over the walls, some the size of a loonie, some the size of basket balls, though none bigger. Andrew walks into the room and instantly, he feels the power coursing the room; he closes his eyes.

"These were made from energy. That is what I have to do isn't it?"

" Well yes in a sense, it is, we will measure the amount of energy you gather and how much you use."

" I see, what do I do?"

"Focus on all the energy around you, see it gathering in your hands then see it as a "laser beam, then push it out of your body, and out of your hands."

"And I'll get little burns like this?" Andrew points to the small burns on the wall.

"They are NOT small!!"

"Right… So anytime?"

"Yea that sounds right."

"Well how about now?"

"No time like the present."

Andrew widens his stance, his face goes red. Andrew thinks about all the things that are around him, he touches them with his mind, he asks them for their power. Andrew's hands shoot out to either side of his body palms up, as if in a trance, Andrew begins to talk an inaudible language. Andrew's hands glow. He closes his eyes; he can see the power flowing within him. He concentrates on keeping it in his hands, he puts a hand on the opposite elbow, and runs his hands down his arm making sure not to loose any energy. He gets down to his hands, blue sparks fly from in between his hands. He opens his eyes and focuses on the wall, Andrew screams at the top of his lungs. A stream of white light pours from his hands, and hits the wall. Then there was no wall, Andrew had blown the wall clear off. Andrew stops the stream and moves his hands away from each other. He looks at them and drops to his knees. ' Holy crap, I can do that? Maybe I am the one.'

Buddy claps. " Well done, better that I would have expected. That was amazing! I am pleased to tell you, you are the one, I knew when I met you I just wasn't sure how far you powers had progressed, and now testing your limits, and we are pleased to say you have exceeded all expectations."

Andrew smiles. " I'm glad to hear it." Andrew falls down face first.

"Sir, he needs to learn control, we can keep him on our side, I can sense it. His past bears no burden on the future, as far as I can see. Does he know? He does need guidance, why not you why not now?" buddy pleads.

"It is not time, I will reveal my-self when the time comes, have faith, my young one, he will turn, your friendship clouds the future. He does not know what the past holds for him and nor does he need to know. I have been on this earth long enough to know that what we will learn will haunt him for the rest of his life. Set Bal up to train him. He will need hand to hand. And he needs a firm teacher." Says the hooded man.

"Yes sir. Did you see what he did it was amazing the only person I know that could do such power is you. He has passed out. We will let him sleep." Buddy carries Andrew out the door.
The hooded man looks out the hole in the wall, he can see the ocean. "And so it begins, it will be changed this time."

Chapter 2. The truth

The clock strikes 6:00 am and the buzzer goes off. Andrew Jumps out of bed fists raised thinking there was something there that he'd have to fight. He looks down at the over turned clock radio on the floor. Exhales, and bends over to pick it up. His mother walks into the room. "Are you ok?" she says a hint of worry in her voice.

"Yea, alarm scared the hell out of me. That's all."

His mom laughs. "O.k. so what are you going to do after school today?"

"I was thinking about taking Megan out for dinner." Andrew says with a smile.

" You really like this young lady don't you? Well here, you'll need to take her to a nice place." Andrew's mom hands him some money.

" There's a lot here are you sure you want to give it all to me."

" Andrew the first date is important. It's where you make your first impression. Take her to The Order. It's the best restaurant in town, and the classiest, I have your suit in the closet if you want it." Andrew's mom cut's her-self off from rambling.

" Yea I know 'ma, I really like this . Well I better get ready for school."

" Andrew, there's something your not telling me. What is it?"

"Oh, nothing really, just some minor things, it's o.k. Mom, you don't have to worry about it." Andrew Laughs "It's guy stuff."

"Well if something happens I want to know ok?"

"You'll be the first to know."

Andrew goes through his normal routine for the morning; he puts some waffles into the toaster, that's Andrew's favorite breakfast, a glass of orange juice, and a banana. He kisses his mom good-bye and leaves the house. Walking down the road to catch the bus to school Andrew has time to reflect on the days past.

What happened? All I remember was a flash of light. Wait, there was a voice too, telling me, 'you are the one, be with those who found you. If you turn evil we will have to kill you.' a bit blunt but none the less it was there. When I see buddy today I'm going to ask what happened. And I can't wait to see Megan-

Andrew was cut off when his friend Cory walked beside him. Cory was same height as Andrew but more built, Cory played football. He was quarterback. Andrew often wondered how they where still friends they traveled in completely different social groups. Andrew was the laid back guy. That everyone knew of but no one knew personally, they all knew the school him. He did most of his work, and he usually got things right the first time and easily picked up traits. Cory had hair, bleached from the sun and working all summer. He had green eyes wide with wonder, enjoyed learning new things.

"So what's up?"

"Nothing really, just had a bad night. Alarm scared the crap out of me." Andrew laughs.

"So what's between you and the new ?"

"New , oh, you mean Megan, heh, well I'm sort of attempting to date her. Actually Mom gave me some money to take her to The Order tonight. I hope she likes it."

They reach their destination. Cory looks at Andrew, up and down like he's sizing him up for something.


"I don't know heir's something different about you. I can't place it. It's like the air around you has changed. And you're bigger or so it seams." Cory laughs.

"Oh, well that's because I've been pumping Iron." Andrew laughs

The bus pulls up to get them. They walk on the bus and instantly Andrew gets dizzy. He sits in the front seat. What's going on? Andrew hears a familiar voice. Andrew I know your worried about what's going on with yesterday, but do not worry, all will be revealed soon. Andrew sees a black blur in the sky. Who is this? Andrew asks. You cannot know yet, just know I am a friend. You are the one, and you will have to go through vigorous training, one day you will fight me, to test your strength, but I warn you, do not follow in the foot steps of... and the voice trailed off, Andrew could feel the man speaking was of great importance, there was a familiar sound in his voice. Instantly it hit him. It was the voice that he heard as he passed out. When Andrew was finally out of his daze he was at the school. He walked off the bus wondering what had just happened, he felt like he was in a world not like his own. We walked through the doors and was leveled bye a mess of curly-straight hair. They both fall to the ground.

"Hey." Megan says playfully.

"Hey. There's something I want to ask you."

"Oh, what is it?"54

"Where'd you learn to tackle like that?" Andrew Laughs. " No I was wondering if you would like to go out for dinner with me?"

"Well, it's about damn time. Yes, I would love to go on a date with you!"

Andrew blushes. Well the hardest part of today is over.

The day is like any other, the same classes the same lunch only, in drama, Megan cling onto Andrew. He loved every second of it. When class was over Megan and Andrew departed with a hug, and had wished there was more but he knew there was a pace to be followed. Andrew headed to geography, to talk to Buddy about what had happened the day before. When Andrew entered the classroom he knew something was going to happen. Buddy was there, waiting him.

"Before you ask, the master said you would have questions. I can't answer them only someone higher up can."

"I know, but you can answer this one: what the hell happened to me?"

"What do you mean? You passed the first trial. The other two were to see if you were ready or not. We would have found you much sooner if it had not been for your mother. She must have hidden your power from us. Training will start soon, and you will have long hours. You may tell your mother what is going on, but only her. She has the knowledge of The Order. As for the lovely Megan-"

"Watch what you say." Andrew says with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Quiet right, but as for Megan, she must be left in the dark and under no circumstances are you to share with her."

"What the-- OK whatever, what's sharing?"

"Where you share a piece of your power." Buddy says smugly


Andrew turns to sit in his chair. He begins to feel dizzy again. Great not again. Andrew thinks. Andrew, This is Buddy's Master. You may call me Voldin. You need to come see me now.

"Buddy, why can I hear someone's voice in my head?"

"Because Andrew, I'm guessing it is my master. He is psychic."

"He's insane?!"

Buddy laughs hard. "No, he can talk you through your mind."

The teacher walks in followed bye the rest of the class.

Buddy whispers. "Think what you want to say to him and he'll here it."

O.k., so, uh, Voldin, are you there? Andrew reaches out with his mind.

Yes, I am here.

I'm in class right now. So like, I can't go.

I figured as much. But I do need to talk to you now. Sit tight, I will send someone for you.

Andrew thinks who would come get him. O.k. How long?

'Should be there right soon.

At that moment Jasmine walks to the principals door. A Moment later, the P.A. announces that Andrew has to go to the office. The class screams and hollers as Andrew walks as he leaves the room. Who is this Voldin? How does he have the power to pull me out of school? Andrew thinks to himself walking down the hallway to the principal's office, he feels someone he knows. He walks in to the office, and there stands Jasmine.

"This is him?" The principal asks.

" Though he doesn't look like much, he has unprecedented power. He could rival the master."

No words cam out his open mouth.

Jasmine looks at Andrew. "Ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

They leave the school, and jump into her car. They take a back way down to the bridge. They get out of the car a man in black is standing in the way of the car. Jasmine looks at Andrew, and gets out of the car, Andrew follows suit.

"Hello, master Andrew. How was school?"

"The same as every other, other than this... intrusion. And yours?"

"My day is getting better, a nice breakfast, the news paper. And I went for my morning fly, and talked to you." he says with a grin.

"What's your name? How do you know things about me? You can fly? And you where the one that talked to me?"

Voldin laughs." My name is Voldin, though many people think it is rude to call me bye my name, so they simply call me master. I know things about you because I once new your father and mother. I know things about you because I must. Things cannot happen as they once did. Yes I can fly. You can too once you train. And finally Yes I was the one that talked to you one day you will fully understand everything that is going on, until then I will be your Mentor."

"You knew my father? Who is he? Where is he? Is he o.k?" Andrew searches frantically for answers to his long forgotten questions, now risen to the surface.

"Right your mother never told you. I am sorry but the only person that can tell you about your father is your mother, it is not my place to tell you those things, but, be warned: there are things that you will wish you never knew. There will be great tragedy in your future, and great destiny, the fayt of the world rests on your shoulders. Which is why you begin training now."

"I can't now. I have to go home, I'm taking Megan out to night." Andrew begins to explain. Voldin flinches at the name. " Tonight is the beginning of our relationship. I'm taking her to The Order tonight." Andrew smiles. " I hope she likes it."

"Go then," Voldin starts. "Go on your date have a life, I remember when I had mine. I will talk to the owner, tonight will be memorable. Go, we start tomorrow." Voldin grabs Andrew bye the shoulders, and looks into Andrew's eyes.

There's something familiar about Master Voldin. The way he talks, the way he walks, I don't remember ever meeting him but still.

"Jasmine will take you home. Take care and don't let your emotions get the best of you. I will see you tomorrow."

Andrew gets a spark in his eyes, like that of a little boy on Christmas opening his presents. "See ya tomorrow." Andrew runs to the car and slams the door, buckles his seatbelt up, and waits for Jasmine.

"Sir, do you think it's wise to let the boy go now? He needs to train!"

"We have missed 13 years of this young man's life, one more day won't hurt." Voldin says with a smile.

"Still soft I see. Very well then sir, where does he live?" she says trying to hold back a smile.

"161 Daniel Street, watch over him. "

"Yes sir."

Chapter 3: Deception

"Mom. I'm home." Andrew yells as he's getting into the front door. There was no answer. She must be out again. Ok well I guess I better get ready to go.

Andrew showers, and dawns his suit. I hope she likes the suit. The words of Voldin ring in his mind. Tonight will be memorable. Why? Why will it be? What's going to happen tonight? Never mind, I can't think about stuff like that tonight. There's one thing and one thing only, Megan. Andrew goes to his bed and lies down. I've got a couple hours before I have to be there. I'll get some sleep. Andrew falls asleep.

Jasmine is screaming, not in pain, but in hate. Andrew gets stabbed in the chest, a knife protruding proof of her hate for him. He's not dead, amazingly. Megan drops to her knees looking at Andrew, crying. Voldin appears. Looks down at him, and shakes his head un-approvingly. "Get up.," he says. "What?" Andrew asks. "GET UP!"

Andrew wakes up. Andrew drenched in sweat, walks to the bathroom half minded and has a shower. A flash of his dream came back to him. Jasmines with the look of pure hate. Andrew looks out the window, the sun is setting. Oh crap! Megan! Andrew bolts into his room, grabs the suit and runs out the door.

Suppertime came. Andrew let's Megan order first. Then he ordered. Jasmine was the waitress. Well tonight is going well. No screw-ups, no dropping things, and most of all no one trying to kill me. As Jasmine bent down to put the plates on the table Andrew catches a glimpse of something shiny under the towel on her arm. She glances at Andrew and smiles enjoy your dinner. There was a look on her face that he could tell what she was thinking. For it will be your last. Andrew looks around the room. How many people are here to kill me?

A hooded man walks to the bar. Andrew pays him no attention. Andrew keeps on thinking about his dream. The hooded man moved to the table behind Megan.
"Andrew, are you alright?"
"Oh, yea, I'm alright just thinking."
Andrew laughs. "About how much I have been looking forward to this."
"Yes, well I have been waiting for this along time too." Megan smiles, and grabs Andrew's hand.
Andrew smiles back. "I'm glad. I really like you."
"So do I."
Andrew was on the brink of getting up and dancing. But a motion behind him stopped him cold. He could sense Jasmine coming from behind and fast. Before Andrew could move, there was a knife at his back. The hooded man grabbed Megan's neck, and she fell limp. Knocked out. Instantly, Andrew gets up and turns around, Jasmine goes to stab Andrew in the chest, but reflexes kicked in, before Andrew could think the knife was sent flying across the room. It stuck in the wall near the hooded man's head, as he ran away with Megan on his shoulder. Andrew knew something was happening but he had no clue to what it was. Jasmine had turned on him. How could she? Andrew though she was his friend.
Jasmine threw tables and chairs at Andrew all exploded when they hit his arm. Blocking his face for that was their desired resting-place. Andrew was fighting his instincts, they where saying that this was a test, that this wasn't real. But how can't this be real? I feel all of this stuff hitting me. I feel how much she hates me. I saw the man take Megan. What the hell is going on?
Jasmine sized up a log from the fireplace; Andrew's eyes go frantic. She won't pick it up she'll burn her hand. Sure enough she threw it as fast as she had picked it up. Andrew caught it eyes closed. He could feel small comfortable, warmth. Focus on it. Then the power will be unveiled.

Chapter 4 Awakening.

Andrew feels the power of the fire within. How does this work? I can feel a great power just out of my reach. Andrew reaches out with his mind. He touches it, instantly he opens his eyes, and looks at his hands, as the fire spreads all over his body, he feels it's power. It doesn't hurt, what's going on? It's like an ancient power. Andrew's eyes go blank. Jasmine thinks, well, hell. I didn't think I'd get him this worked up. He's pretty .
Really? You think this is ?! You ruin the first date, you attempt to kill me, and where is Megan!?" the table explodes, all around Andrew. Jasmine reaches into her back, to produce a throwing knife. With a flick of her wrist the little knife was sent sailing through the air, Andrew moves forward towards Jasmine. He catches the knife, in between his forefinger and his middle finger. In a flash of an eye he has it up against Jasmines throat. Breathing hard, Andrew stands on fire! Eye's full of hate.
"I will ask you one last time." He says calmly. "WHERE IS SHE?!"
"I can answer that." The hooded man walks in the door and pulls down the hood to show that it is Voldin.
"H-h-he, p-passed the t-t-t-test." She stutters, knowing one wrong word would end her life.
The fire dissipates in Andrew's eyes. "Oh well that's nice." Andrew says curtly to Jasmine and removes the knife from her throat, "What the hell did you do to her?!"
"Well I was hoping for a thank you, for opening your damn eyes but well, I guess that's out of the question. We set this up to test you, to wake you up, as it were. As for the dear Megan, she is at home, she will think tonight was a dream, it will all start again tomorrow for her as long as you don't say anything stupid."
Andrew still holding the knife looks at Voldin. " A task?" Andrew laughs. "Well then Mr. Jerkwad, when do I begin training?"
"After I tell you everything you need to know. And I'll do that after we clean my damn restaurant up. Jasmine I thought I told you to take it easy!"
"I was confident that Master Andrew could handle half power. And-" rubs her throat. " It would seem that he could take more than I can give." She smirks.
"Quite, as punishment, you must clean this Jasmine. Alone."
The smirk is wiped off her face. " Yes sir."
"Andrew, come with me." Voldin greets him with an open arm.
"Yes." Andrew follows Voldin out of the restaurant, and down the street. Andrew remarks at how wonderful Voldin looks. Deep green eyes. No facial hair, multiple color tattoos, all over his body, how he had no hair, and strangely it suited him. Andrew would put him at 45 years of age, easily 6 foot 3, 240lbs of pure muscle. He was built like a brick-.
"Andrew, there are a couple of things you should know."

"Really?" Andrew asks drenched with sarcasm.

"Yes. You demonstrated some amazing power. We thought that you wouldn't be able to hold it all but it looks like we where wrong. Something woke up inside you didn't it. You heard or felt something inside you."

"Yea, it was a mans voice, he told me to focus, and that everything would be fine. And the power I felt, it was amazing. So much more than I have ever felt before."

"Training starts tomorrow. There is no school on Saturday right?" Andrew nods. Voldin continues. "Very well then. You will begin hand-to-hand training; you will be absent from school quite often. Your mother knows this, and it will be fine seeing as how useless high school has become, I will teach all that you need to know in life. Your teacher for tomorrow will be Bal. He knows many kinds of fighting styles." Voldin points to the bridge. "Be here at 8 in the morning. If you are not here, well, I don't know, we'll do something bad."

Andrew laughs. " O.k. I'll be there. You do understand that one day I will have to tell Megan. And the we will go on from there."

"I figured as much Andrew. You cannot tell her yet, if she happens to be..." Voldin shakes his head to get the theory away." You can't tell her until Bal has trained you. Only then if you learn will you be allowed to tell her. Now, go home your mother is waiting for you. Do me a favor, think about the first kiss between you and Megan, and then walk."

Andrew thinks about his and Megan's first kiss. He closes his eye's he feels wait less, his feet leave the ground. "Keeping his eyes closed and focusing he says calmly, "Am I flying?"

"Yes you are, now go home. If you think you can go faster than you will, move with you hands and feet, your weight determines where you go. It's like a toboggan." Voldin smiles, and walks away.

Andrew goes higher and higher, he thinks about what he can do, he stops at the clouds, touches them, and looks down. The city looks like an ant farm, the land patchy, like a quilt. Andrew drops head first, fully knowing what was going to happen. The wind sailed past him; he followed his house with his vision, picking out where to land. The back yard was probably the best bet. I wonder if I can... he puts his hand out to barrel roll, he goes faster tha expected. He steadies himself. Well that went well. Andrew front flips to the ground. 8 feet from the ground, he hits it with a mild thump. He walks up his porch, and through the door, his mother was at the supper table waiting for him.

"So you know now. I'm sorry I didn't tell you; I was made promise I wouldn't. There is nothing else that I can tell you." her tears begin to show. "I wish I could tell you. There's so much you need to know. Voldin told me that I would know when to tell you. I love you."

" Mom, I'm not mad, I think it's awesome. I start fight training tomorrow. With Bal."

"Bal, you're training with him? Well, here, make something to eat. Then go to sleep you'll need your rest." She says before tuning away crying, Andrew watches her leave and cry in her room. I promise, nothing will happen to you." a promise he couldn't keep.

Andrew walks through the door of light. A fight between him and a dark man. Purple eyes. The two combatants stop. The man looks at Andrew, right into his eyes, Andrew can't turn away he knows he should but he just can't. "You will die. All will perish; no amount of training can compare you to me. Give me your power and no harm will come to your-" the man was cut off bye Andrews alarm. He wakes up and hits the alarm 7 in the morning, on a Saturday? Was this insane? Who was the man? He knew who I was, who was he?

Chapter 5. Reflexes

Andrew walks down behind the bridge, making sure no one was watching though he knew no one would be. He let out a sigh, knowing that today was going to be hard. Fighting with Bal huh? Well I hope he's not too big. Andrew had no idea. He puts his hand to the black brick and the door of light opens. Anyone watching would think it was heavens gates. Far from it. Andrew walked in; there were people in white robes running all around a large room. It had changed since he was in there last, the room was smaller, it seemed, and there were more people. Andrew just stood there looking at all the people running around, laughing at how they moved, they where all running never bumping into each other. He looked around for a familiar face. He didn't see one. He was just about to turn around and leave when he heard a big voice.

"Where the hell do you think your going? Your Andrew right? Well good lets go."

"Where are we going?"

"Follow me and do not worry. Master Voldin must be pleased with you, and you learning capabilities, if he says you'll only need one lesson on all fighting styles."

"He said that?" Andrew asked with his eyebrows raised.

"Yes. I do not know why he believes that you have the ability to learn much faster than anyone I have ever taught."

"O.K. So what are we learning?"

"First how to defend yourself."


Wow. This guy must be 6'9, 320 lbs, he's a frig'n tank!

"I am Bal. I will be your teacher," he says with a strong Middle Eastern accent. "Shall we begin?"

"Let's." Andrew stands about belly button height to the man. And I'm going to learn to fight this guy? It's David versus Goliath!

"Here we are." Bal says arriving at the wall.

"It's a wall... What do you mean here we are?"

Bal touches the wall. The wall explodes into a million colors. Then a door to what looked to be a fighting arena opens up. Bal walks in. Andrew awestruck about there actually being a door there walks in cautiously.

"The wall does what you want. Master Voldin made it, it is how our place is concealed, and how we can go anywhere we want."

"I see." Andrew lied he had no idea how it worked, and nor did he care, as long as it got him from point A to point B he was happy. This fighting place was amazing. There was water running around the entire place. Not in a usual waterfall but actually running in the air. The floor was made of a soft wood, and your feet sunk in slightly as you walked. Andrew was flabbergasted. Bal walked out into the middle of the floor, watching Andrew take it all in. When He had finally returned his gaze back to Bal, Bal motioned for him to come to him.

"This is going to hurt. You're going to learn and learn well. Ready?"


Then the training begins. Bal throws a punch at Andrew; he barely had time to block it. His hand hurt, the blow was meant to hurt. Bal threw more and more blows, all missed their mark.

"Your reflexes are lacking. Your defense leaves a lot to be desired. Now come at me with all you have."

Andrew doesn't take it lightly; he put everything he knew about fighting, into the barrage of fists and feet. Everything was blocked, He went to kick Bal in the chin, but Bal caught it and held his foot, Andrew hit the ground hard.

"I see now why Voldin brought you to me. Stand and learn." this boy has amazing potential, I see why Voldin brought him to me, I've only see this level of learning once, in Kain. But how could that be? Well I will teach him once, like no one before, this boy will rival Kain.

"O.k. Well that hurt, can I stop? I need to rest."

"Will your opponent in battle let you rest? Does the wind stop blowing across the world because it is tired? No, you must keep going, not for our sake but for the worlds." Bal picks him up.


Andrew and Bal went through multiple different fighting styles, at the end of the last set of moves, Bal says. "Well, that was good, I've never had someone learn that fast. Do you know it all?"

"Yea, why?" Andrew asks gasping for air, he looked down at his watch it was 4:27, he had to leave soon.

"Come, show me what you know. Remember to use the sight."

The sight was where you could see the fight though neither combatant's eyes. Very usefully when you're in a fight and it seems to be a stalemate. "I will." Andrew uses a stance he had learned, it could be used to block all punches and kicks done to the torso. Bal lunges at Andrew. Grabbing him bye the throat Andrew threw him to the ground, Bal knew he would do this and Grabbed Andrew's hand on the way down throwing him into the wall on the opposite side of the arena. They both get to their feet at the same time. Andrew runs at Bal. What are you doing? I told you that running into something were wrong! Bal braces himself for a collision; instead Andrew jumps up and over Bal, and wraps his hand around his throat, throwing him across the room. Bal hits the wall a crater from a massive Colossus. Bal Stands up and looks at Andrew, down on one knee. "That was good, I am pleased that you can do offense, now defense." Bal throws wild punches and kicks, Knees and elbows. Andrew is amazed at how beautiful the fight was, so much give and take, ebb and flow. Andrew looked at the fight from another vantage place; he saw that Bal was leaving his head purposely free this entire time. Andrew grins, Bal throws his final punch, Andrew grabs his wrist, without thinking, he throws Bal over his shoulder, and across the room, before Bal Can think Andrew is on his chest with a fist in his face, that was the rule for training, you do not strike the finishing blow, you leave it so that the opponent knows they have been beat. They hit the wall brutally. Both breathing hard.

"Well met sir. I have nothing left to teach you in hand-to-hand combat."

"That was amazing! Can we do it again sometime?"

" Any time you wish sir. Now, go home and sleep. Tomorrow you will learn to do something wonderful."

"O.K. Bal. I'm sorry if I hurt you. I can't wait to fight with you again." Andrew walks up to the wall and places his hand slowly, hesitantly. The door appears to go out side; Andrew looks back at Bal and smiles, and walks through the door. The door dissipates.

"How did he do?" Voldin comes out of a room.

"As well as you said. Sir, he has your..."

"Yes, he is also his son. He learned well?"

"Very, even better than he did. It was amazing the energy he had when he threw me, is that his untapped?"

" It's starting to look that way he has done it twice so far. I will teach him how to control it. Get ready for it; something bad is going to happen. And when it does we will all be in for the fight of our life Bal."

Bal drops to his knee. "Yes Master. Will the boy be alright?"

"In time. Now no more of this talk, let us go and eat, I'm hungry."

"Bal smiles, and nods. As am I." This boy is extraordinary. He has accomplished what took me 60 years, in a day. There is more to this boy than I know. The fact that he's HIS son tells me something also. His reflexes are amazing. When we fight again I will have to use everything I know.

Chapter 6. The Chill.

Andrew lands in Megan's front yard. Hope she's home. I've missed her. A chill runs down Andrews back. What the hell was that? He shrugs it off as being just a fluke. He walks up to the glass door, and knocks on it. He hears running inside the house. Oh . this is gunna hurt. Instantly, he was hit by a beautiful missile, hair everywhere, they fall off the porch. Megan falls on Andrew, he catches her and falls on his back. "Hi." he says with effort.

"Hey. How are you?"

"I'd be better if you got off me."

Andrew rolled over, so that Megan's not on him. And rolls on his belly so that he can see into her eyes. Another shiver runs down his back. He screws up his face, not understanding what's going on.

"Andrew, I love you."

"I love you to Megan." Andrew senses her intentions and knows their true. He wants to tell her every thing but it has only been a couple months since they had been together. He doesn't know how she would take dating the savior of the world.

"Are you ok?" She asks with those blue eyes.

"I don't know I keep getting this fee-" Andrew was cut off by a vision of his mother. He bolts up to his feet, standing there shaking, and looking like a deer caught in the headlights. "I have to go." Andrew turns around to walk away. Megan grabs his shoulder. "Your telling me what's going on later." she says softly. Andrew a smile and nods his head. He runs down the street, down behind the local market, and takes flight, while taking off, he gets a big chill down his spine. Even flying takes too long, I have to be careful. If I could just... Andrew flies straight up in the air, faster than he had ever traveled. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Higher and higher, he soars, the air started to get thick. He stopped is ascension. Turns in the direction of his home, and begins a nosedive. His ears screamed in protest. The wind passing him, howled in rage, he didn't care, he knew something was wrong; he was going to find out what. The trip took half the time it usually did. He hit the ground, hard. What he was about to see would change his life forever.

Chapter 7. The Break Down.

There's a burn hole in the front door. Open slightly, He has no idea what went on here before. It starts to storm overhead as if to give life to what's about to happen. Andrew walks in hesitantly. Like a church mouse getting the cheese from a mousetrap, looking around for on lookers. He sees holes all though the hall way that led to his room. He walks down the hallway, piecing what had transpired inn the time he got the first feeling. Where's Mom? There was no sign of her, but blood, lots of it. Mom was strong there was no doubt of that. Andrew heard faint breathing from the floor below, His hand bursts into flames, He became the red avenger. Dropping through the floor for there was no more. Enveloped in red fire, Andrew drops to his knees at the mangled mess he sees before him.

His mother lay on the bed down stares in her cloths, a bloody mess. Bones protruding from various points. Blood everywhere, it was amazing that she had survived in the first place. Andrew started to cry over her, holding her hand, he managed to squeak out," mom."

"Hey, glad you could come, I'd give you a hug but under the circumstances, I don't think I could do it. But yes, there are some things you should know before I leave. Do you see that painting over there?" she motioned to a painting called Kain. He was scary, or so Andrew used to think. A man with a long brimmed hat, a black leather cloak that was rather warn, and the purple eyes, that looked thorough you as if knowing your very soul. that was all the painting showed.

Andrew looked at his mother wondering why she had told him to look at it, he had seen a million times before why was now so important?

"Andrew, meet your father. He is a man named Kain, he has heard about your coming to age and is now trying to kill you. He wants your power." She shifts uncomfortably. "There's so much I wish I could tell you, but I have to go."

He holds her hand, and it falls limp. "NO!" Crying he screams. "You cant' go now! There's so much I still don't know! What am I supposed to do?!" Andrew cries, as she disappears.

"You could have saved her you know. If you would have came sooner. Than it would be you there, not her." Andrew bursts into red flames again. Eye's full of tears and hate. Though no one was there. He heard a man's laughter from outside the house. He uses the sight to find the man. Long black hair, dark brown eyes, and a smile that sent a chill down Andrew's spine. Andrew imagines popping up in front of the man, and before he can react, he's there.

"Ah, nice to see you Andrew." he says with a smirk. "Like i said you could have avoided this, if you would have came the first time she called you."

"You son of a bitch." Andrew says through gritted teeth. Andrew feels untouched power. not ye not until i get what i want.

"Well, I guess I have to kill you. Though should prove tough because you're on fire. But nonetheless. Oh, where are my manners. I am Efrim. Son of Felgrim. Loyal servant of Kain. He wanted me to relay a message: if you don't give up and give yourself to him then everyone you love will die."

"So you serve my father." Efrims eyes grow big. "I see you didn't know. Well that doesn't matter. I'm going to kill you." Andrew reaches out to the power. The ground starts to melt underneath him, the air grow hot, and thick. "You killed my mother," he says calmly. Sparks fly everywhere. "You threaten my life." The power courses through Andrew's veins. He yells," And now, you threaten my loved ones!" Andrew bursts into blue flames. He has no pupils; his eyes are totally white. "NO YOU PAY!" Andrew screams.

"Well, on that note, I leave." Efrim turns to run.

Andrew puts his hand out arm fully extended. Turns his hand towards him and bends his arm. Efrim turns and moves closer to Andrew.

"What the hell is this? I can't move."

"He never told you did he? He never told you who or what I was." Andrew says in a soft tone. "Well that's your damn fault. You though he would send you on a mission, and you would kill two birds with one stone, even though he told you to leave me alone? How naive."

How did he know that? Can he read my mind? "And if I did? What, your gunna kill me?"

"Pay-backs a bitch." Andrew grins. He raises his other hand up to his fingers, and starts breaking his own fingers. AS he sees the blood run down his hand, he sees the blood trickle down Efrims body, four fingers broken, the bones protruding through the skin. Efrim was in worse condition. Andrew had made a physical bond between the two. Efrims legs and arms were broken, bones sticking out everywhere. Blood splashed against Andrew, he didn't care, this was his Revenge. Efrim screams in pain, Andrew's Hand muffles it.

"I told you, I will not kill you." Andrew gives him a couple shots in the ribs with the unbroken right hand. Andrew felt all of Efrims ribs break under the crushing blows. "Don't scream, don't sob, and don't make a goddamned sound. Just listen. My name is Andrew; I will not follow my father's footsteps. So you go tell him what I have become, and tell him I will not stop training until he is dead." Andrew severs the connection between the two, and Efrim drops into a bloody mess. Andrew resects his finger back into place, the wounds heal instantly.

"Very well, it is your death." Efrim screams and disappears.

Chapter 8. The crypt.

Andrew jumps up to fly, still enraged bye what Efrim had done. He flew to Megan, as the rage subsided, to did his power.

I have to make it to Megan's. Before he knew it he was just over her house. His power failing, he crashed into the top of the evergreen in her front yard. Falling to the ground with a bone-breaking thud. Andrew gets up, all bloody and now dirty. He walks up the porch stairs to the glass door that enters her house. He knocks once, easily, then again hard, the third time he falls though the window. Glass scattered everywhere, new crimson life force leaked on the ground. The blue fire dissipates. Andrew's breathing gets heavy. Megan ran down the hall silently, sliding on the ground to catch Andrew falling in a failed attempt to stand up. Megan looks down at Andrew's mangled body, cuts everywhere. She starts crying.

"Hey." he says as a painful smile comes across his face. He stars crying. "See what you did, now I'm crying."

"What the hell happened?" " My mother, Kain," he sobs." Dead, blue, me, power, father." Andrew passes out. Megan runs and grabs a pillow for his head. Not wanting blood all over her good ones she gabs a pair of old track pants, and puts it under his head.

"Your soul is mine Andrew, there's no stopping it, if I have to I will kill you little friend. Anyone that stands in my way I will kill. There is no limit to my power. You will die to my hand. There is no stopping destiny. Fayt is not on your side. Now, come at me with all you have." Andrew fights Kain, and looses. "Again." He yells. Yet to loose again. "Damnit boy, your not my son your too weak." Kain screams. Andrew does everything he can think of, to no avail. This goes on for hours. Kain finally gets fed up with the failing fight, and strikes the finishing blow, he grabs Andrew's heart. "You see, your heart is too big to be my son."

Andrew wakes up in a bloody pool, on the floor. Where the hell am I? Why am in a pool of… BLOOD!? What the hell? Why am I at… Andrew bolts upright stands up and runs down he hall. Megan was in her bed sleeping. Andrew watched her breath and thought how peaceful it was. He stood up against the doorframe and ran his fingers through his hair. He found pieces of glass and twigs. He screwed up his face. How'd those get there?

"They're there after you face planted last night." Megan scratches her head the yawns.

" I see. We have to go to The Order."

"Why?" "we have to go see a few of my friends. Please come with me." Andrew looks at her.

"Let me get dressed." She says with defeat.

"O.K. See ya out side." Megan mumbled something inaudible, Andrew shut the door and walked through the door, out side. I hope I didn't do this. I'd be in trouble if I did. Andrew walks down the porch, there he sees the tree that he had broke the previous night. OH shit! what do i do, what do i do?! what am i supposed to do? how do i hide it? Andrew gabs all the pieces of tree, there was a wood pile in his arms. He heard the door open and threw it all up in the air as hard as he could. Megan walked out, looks at Andrew

"Are you o.k?"

"Yea, yea, I'm fine. Let's go."

Andrew and megan walk away, Andrew hears the logs hit the ground they land in a perfect pyramid. He chuckles to himself. He writes for sale on the wood with his fire, making sure not to set it aflame. Megan didn't notice she was too enthralled in the music that was coming out of The Order. People where partying, screaming and whooping. "What do you think is going on?" she asks Andrew.

I can only imagine. " I don't know. Sounds fun though."

They walk up to the back door, knowing that would be where Voldin was. Buddy walks out of the door.

"Andrew, Voldin is waiting for you. Miss. Megan please come with me, we have much to talk about." he says as he leads Megan away from the restaurant.

Andrew walks in the kitchen. Takes a left down a white hallway. There where no doors. Security risk. Andrew puts his hand to the door and thinks of Voldin. The door opens, and Voldin appears.

"Andrew come in." he says sternly. Sitting in a massive chair.

"Yes sir. What is it that you want?"

"Something happened to you, someone died , someone close, it made you snap. I don't blame you, when my mother died I did the exact same thing." Voldin says as he's stares off into the distance.

"No offense sir, but I don't think that you did exactly the same thing as I did."

"You'd be surprised. Anyways, you will have to come with me. We have to go to the crypt. You need to work through this or the hate will consume you. Then unfortunately we'd have to kill you, and start our search again. But come." He jumps to his feet. And moves to the wall Andrew was leaning on. "Now, down to the crypt." He puts his hand on the wall and a pure metal room comes into view. "Here you will learn all that you need to survive in our world. Concentration, among many things. Come." Voldin walks through the door.

I'll do this, but when I'm done megans going to find out what the hells going on. Andrew walks through the door.

Chapter 9 Denyal.

Andrew walks through the door, into the cold room. The size was amazing, It must have rivaled a football field. A gigantic steel room, he could feel the power coursing through lights were in the ground, which was genious, because the entire room was lit were to mattresses on either side of the room with pillows and bedding. There was a sink and what appered to be a bathroom. Andrew looked around and saw the door melt away, though he didn'y pay any attention to it. Must be what happens to the door when your not looking at it I guess.

"This will be your home for the next little while. Well, for as long as we need. You will learnd your place in life, as well as to trust your instincs."
"Ya, well tough all I need to learn is how the hell to get out of here, and destroy my father!" Andrew slams his hands on the wall. Nothing happens, just the cold feel of steel. "I need to fight!"

"Then come at me with all you have." Voldin yells.

Andrew bursts into red flames, The look of hate spread across his face. Andrew threw punches and kicks that would rival most people. He looked at it using the sight, but it didn't work, it was as if Voldin was one step ahead. Andrew gets pissed off and goes blue flames, he moves to punch Voldin, Kain's head appeared. Andrew bellowed in hate and lunged, Voldin caught bye surprise, looked at him as he moved, faster than before, more fluid, and more deadly, Andrew punched his leg and as Voldin went to block it he quickly moved his knee into Voldin's Jaw, shattering it. Voldin knowing what happened summoned his own powers and Andrew sunk into the steel floor unable to move. Andrew yells in defiance.

"Let me out of here! I proved I can kick your ass. I proved myself damnit! Let me go, I'm going to kill Kain." Andrew closes his eyes. This has to be a test, how the hell do I get out. His power is bigger than mine.Andrew looks down at the molten metal puddle he is now in, and focuses.
There's no way in hell he should get out of that, I can't remember if I did…. Voldin places his hand on his Jaw and heals it, he drops to one knee, tired from the amount of energy just lost. He looks down at Andrew and smiles smugly. "yes you got me, but I have you." A smile crosses Andrew's calm face.

"You egotistical son of a bitch." Andrew says with his eyes closed. "you let your guard down." The floor begins to go red. Andrew's face becomes contorted. I'm using too much energy! I don't care! As long as I kill Kain, I don't fucking care! He's going to die! Andrew opens his eyes, there are no pulps, like the fight with Efrim. Andrew envisions himself walking out of the metal floor. He steps up, and again, and again, and again, he walks out of the floor, a hole where he just was. Hair flying everywhere, Voldin moved to throw a punch, Andrew caught it, twisted his arm around and took him off his feet. Andrew channeled all of his power into his hand, Voldin breathing hard, looked at Andrew with soft scared eye's. Andrew just stands there. YOU CAN'T DO THIS! You know it's not right to kill anyone, let alone your damn teacher. Come on snap out of it. No you can do it, it's one more step to beating Kain. Just press the power out of your hand and—

Voldin Landed a crushing blow into his temple, knowing that he might kill him, he was willing to take the risk. Andrew fell into a heap on the floor. Voldin looked at Andrew with pity. "I'm sorry, you, you where going to do something you where going to regret, you let your guard down. I could have killed you. I can't let you go with Kain." Andrew is laid out could for a couple days, he comes to as Voldin is getting supper.

"what the hell happened? I've got a massive headache."

" You went nuts so i had to take you out. Now do you feel better?" Voldin smirks throwing the steak on the logs in a fire pit.

Andrew grins. "How's your jaw? Heard it break, nasty." Andrew sits up, and stands, stretches. Andrew walks over and touches the wall, nothing happens. "what the hell? Why can't I get out?" Andrew turns to Voldin, eye's on fire. In a deep voice he asks, "Why the hell can't I leave?"

"your not ready to." Voldin stands up, and looks Andrew in the eye's. "If you want to fight again, know, if something happens, I will not hesitate to kill you."

"you won't need to." Andrew says through gritted teeth. Andrew lunges at Voldin, no flames, just speed, Voldin swings At Andrew and punches him right in the face, Andrew goes flying, and hits the wall. "nice one, trying are we? Well the here," Andrew bursts into red flames, and rund at Voldin. Voldin bursts into red flames too and looks sad at andrew. The two collide, voldin being the more experienced of the two, was on the offence. punches fast as lightning his Andrew so hard he felt the bones crack. Voldins face grows cold looking, as he looses care of what's going on, he just cares about teaching A the leason that he came to teach. Andrew Drops to his knees looking up at Voldin.

"Now will you listen? You cannot fight your way to the top you need to work, you can't fight kain, he can do more than I can." he know's what he just said was a lie. "Damnit boy, you need to listen to me, you need to train and justbecause something REALLY bad happens does not excuse you to do this BS. you need to look at yourself before you can fight. She's dead there's nothing you can dop about it, but train, and make sure the same damn thing doesn't happen to the rest of the world."

Andrew breaks down and cries.

"I know how it feels the same thing happened to me. Follow me and train."Voldin stands up. " It's your choice."

Andrew stands up slowly.

"Thats the first step to being the savior of the world, Andrew. Now fight with me like you would Bal. And learn from your mistakes."

Chapter 10 Destruction.

After two weeks of training, Andrew had not left the Crypt, Andrew could feel the anger slipping away from him. He had no reason to hold on to it anymore, what happened happened and the past cannot be changed. During the time spent there, Andrew looked at Voldin in a new light. He saw the way voldin moved, the way everything was a dance to him. Andrew followed his rules for combat, no punches pulled, except for the finishing one. It was landed, but not with enough force to kill. While training hand-to-hand, Voldin forced Andrew to use the fire within, for fights, he learned how to control the red fire, and how to keep sane mind in Blue. He learned how to use what was around him to his advantage, to utilize what can be seen, and what couldn't be seen.

"This fight will be different from all the rest." Voldin started. "You will be expected to go all out. I cannot or I would kill both of us, use what you have learned, and do not hold back. Are we clear?"

Andrew looks at voldin. "Yea."

Andrew Closes his eyes and puts his hands to his side. This is it, This is the final test. I hope that I don't screw up. This if for Megan. Andrew reaches for the power from the lights, and pushes it through his feet into his chest and hold it there. Voldin makes no movement, just looks at Andrew with interest.

"Good, I see your not going to hold back. When you are ready we will begin."

Andrew Bursts into Blue flames. Not looking at voldin but the floor Andrew concentrates on the floor, melting it with the fire. Rippling on the metalic floor made Voldin feel uneasy. Andrew looked up at voldin, there where no puples, but it wasn't like before this time there was an air around him, One Voldin had only felt once. Half power should be good. I hope he can handle this power, it's far greater than he has attained thus far. the poor bugger has no idea what he's getting himself into.

"You feel what I'm about to do, don't you Voldin?" Andrew Grins.

"If you do what I think your gunna do you'll be sorry." Voldin grins, he knows he's bluffing there's no way voldin could know whats going to happen.

Andrew starts playing with the energy of the room making it move the way he wants to, it wasn't labored anymore, he could make it move anyway, just by thinking it. Andrew made it flow into himself, feeling the new power Voldin took a step back. Andrew smirks "ready old man?" he asks in a low tone.

Voldins nostrils flair, "I am only going to tell you this once, I am not old. I'm only a couple years older than you physically."

Andrew moves to strike Voldin, Voldin sidesteps, and swings at Andrew. Andrew lands on one hand and kicks Voldins hand away. Landing back on his feet, Andrew jumps at Voldin head first catching unaware, Andrews head struck Voldins chest hard, knocking the wind out of him. Andrew used the fire to propel himself up in the air, above Voldins head, using the fire around him as a shield, he blocked Voldin's right hand blow to the chest, it sent Andrew sailing through the air. Andrew put his arms out in the air, collecting energy into his hands, fireballs appeared. Voldin's eye's grew large, knowing there was to be a barrage of fire, Instantly Andrew disappeared from Voldins sight and was struck bye a fireball to the back. Voldin stumbled slightly, he went to move his feet but he was slowly sinking into the ground.

He can do this!? I better keep my guard up. Voldins eyes raced around the room trying to locate Andrew, But to no avail he was moving to fast to bee seen.

Heh, you cant see me can you? Heh, your in for a treat. Andrew pops out of the molten ground beside Voldin, he smiles. Grabs Andrew bye the throat goes Red flames and trows him again the wall, Before Andrew hits the wall he stops and Voldin follows him. Andrew smirks and changes his direction. Voldin turns suit, it's follow the leader around a giant, metallic room. Voldin grabs Andrew by the throat, and throws him to the ground. And hold his fist to Andrews face. Both breathing hard. Voldin looks around the room the walls and floors, and everything was destroyed. The bathroom or at least that's what it might have used to be, was also destroyed.

"Well that was good. Sloppy but good, now use your new power to get the hell out of here."

Andrew looks at a wall, and thinks. This should be fun. Andrew grabs all the power into his hands, and pushes it out. The wall explodes into a million pieces, Andrew drops to one knee. a bit bigger than I wanted, but it will do.

"Well that wasn't over the top was it?" Voldin laughs. "Well your off for a week go rest tonight see Megan tomorrow.

Andrew walks out the door into the room where he had been when he first walked in from outside, he touched a wall and though of home. The door opened, and there was home. Andrew walked through the burnt door.

Memories come flooding back: His mother dieing, Breaking Efrims bones, blood, and Kain.

Andrew shakes his head. It's in the past, I can't stay here, not now, not while the wounds are still fresh on my heart. What do i do?! Andrew drops to his knees. Andrew hears his mothers voice. "You can't dwell in the past. You do not want to be like your father. Now, you have to power to do what ever you want, destroy this house..." Andrew reaches out with his mind, he doesn't feel his mother but he feels Voldin closing in fast. Andrew turns around, and he sees Voldins chest. " you forgot how to do something? You learned how to fly but it was instinct. Now you learn. Think of your feet leaving the ground, then when your in the air, think of what you want to happen and usually it will." Voldins feet leave the ground. "I know where your going to go, and i know what your going to say. I have already instructed someone to fill her in. now do what you need to do, and move on." Voldin turns around and leaves.

Andrew walks away from the house. I do this for you Mom. Andrew makes a fireball and turns it white, and throws it at the house, Instantly it explodes. And then reconfigures. Andrew looks at the new house. Holy Shit!

"Now, to go see Megan." Andrew Thinks about lifting off the ground and he does, he sets off for something he has no idea.

Chapter 11: Show and Share.

Andrew lands in Megan's backyard, he senses Megan's presence inside the house. He walks up to the sliding glass door and opens it, sidesteps and catches Megan by the waist, swinging her around to see her face-to-face.
"nice catch."
"I try." Andrew smiles and kisses her on the lips. "How are you?"
" Well Buddy and i talked about you, and whats going on."
A shudder runs down Andrews spine. he sat down on the grass.
"Are you alright?" Megan asks concerned.
Andrew didn't say anything, pictures flew past his eyes: Kain and Bal fighting, Kain and Voldin talking, Megan on the floor not moving, And Dragons.
Megan slaps Andrew, and he jumps up into a fighting stance, not knowing that it was Megan that had just hit him, and that there was no harm.
"I'm so sorry, you where talking weird, saying things that made no sense, Buddy told me not to touch you when your like that, but I couldn't help it, I was scared." Megan begins to cry, Andrew puts his arm around her shoulders and sits down.
"It's fine," he kisses her on the forehead. "I don't know what I was saying. It's weird I saw a bunch of pictures in my head, but they haven't happened yet. I'm sorry for scaring you." he kisses her again. " I assume that Buddy told you everything?"
"He told me a lot, I know there's things he left for you to tell me. But i still don't understand WHY you would do this, why would you die to save people, now, I'm not complaining, but it just doesn't make sense."
"Yea, I know. I can't explain the feeling i have it's just like, if I can save anyone, I know I have done my job. The reason for my existence is to save the world. Though people wouldn't understand. One person giving their life in total selflessness, one life to save millions, I don't know everyone, but deep down inside they all deserve to live, people that do bad things, the nuns, everyone deserves a second chance right? I'm their second chance."
"Wow..." Megan stares at Andrew.
"Hard to understand?"
"A bit but I'm trying."
"Alright. So, I think there's something that I should show to do that I have to talk to Buddy."
"Well if you want me to they gave me a device in my watch that calls them."
"Yes, could you use it for me?" Megan touches her watch face and spins it counter clockwise. Andrew walks into the house carrying Megan in on one arm as she laughs hysterically. Buddy and Bal walk into the house, ready for a fight, fists raised.
"What you think your going to fight me? Hey Boys, hows it going?"
"Fine." they say in unison.
"I want to show her some of my power. Is there anything I can do to show her? Something Big."

"Well if memory serves me," Buddy thinks, scratching his chin. "We did insert a new wall into a place like The crypt, but we have a wall that is heat resistant so they say. For those of higher power so that it wont melt through the wall. does that sound good enough? I doubt your power could scratch it." Buddy looks at Andrew.

"A bet then? If i can melt through your wall, I get 500 and Megan gets a brand new door, and if you win, you get what ever you want. Deal?" Andrew grind at Buddy.

"Sure, sounds like fun." Buddy smiles at Bal. " Let's go?"

"Let's." Andrew turns to leave, and playfully scoops Megan up onto his shoulder and walks out the door, she struggled but to no avail. Andrew puts her down out side the house and holds her hand. Andrew and Megan walk down to the Overpass, while buddy and Bal work out how it's supposed to be done, they run there, meeting Voldin on the way there, telling him what thier doing.

"Make sure he doesn't die, children of his age exasperate themselves trying to impress a woman." Voldin says as he walks away.

Andrew and Megan get to the overpass, Andrew stops at the wall and touches it, thinking of Buddy and Bal, wherever they where. "Are you ready for what your about to see?" Andrew grabs Megan by the shoulders.

"I don't know, as long as you don't do something stupid. I should be fine." she looks at her.

"Then here we go." Andrew walks through the door. The room was cold feeling, like death and such. The energy flow around the room was much more than in the Crypt. The lighting and everything was the same. Just a big blue wall was the difference, I guess that's their way of saying hit me.Andrew drops to his knees and starts meditating, crossing his legs and closing his eye's.

"What is he doing?" Megan whispers to Bal.

"Meditating, getting ready for the energy he has to expel." Bal

"Oh, O.K."

Andrew gets up and bursts into flames, red with a hint of blue. Megan starts to run towards him Bal stops her.

Andrew looks back at Megan, and winks. "It's fine, it's all part of the show." Then turns to face the wall. Gathering energy, watching the fire in his hand grow larger, feeling the love from Megan, The power from Bal, the wisdom from Buddy. All the power from them all gathering into his hands. "Get ready!" Andrew yells looking over his shoulder, "This is it!" Andrew couldn't hold the power anymore, he throws it in a constant pillar of flame, he felt it hit the wall, and started to push harder. He uses, his senses, to tell him he's close, he gives it one last push and it goes through the wall, a crater down to the ocean. Andrew cuts off the flow of energy. And drops to one knee."There, I win. Give me the money later there's something I have to do. Andrew motioned to the wall and all the molten steel instantly cooled, he looked at Megan and got her to come to him. It was night now, The cool night air felt refreshing to him. Like an old friend, he walked out into the air. walking along the beech. "There's something I want to do, I want to share with you, The experience of flight. Would you like to share it?"

"There's nothing I'd like more."

Andrew focuses on Megan both glow white. Love and power flow through the two of them. Andrew knows this would make an unbreakable bond. As quickly it started it ended. "There." Andrew says tiredly, as he drops to one knee.

"Are you ok?" Megan asks hurriedly.

"Fine, I just need to rest, for a little while." Andrew sits down.

" Is this what you feel?"

"Only when I'm on fire like you saw today, that's the new power flowing through you. I used to get that feeling all the time, now that it's a constant, slow groth, I don't feel it. I don't know, after a while you get used to it."

Megan sits down in front of Andrew and stares off into the distance. "I wish I could live here forever." Moving back she sits in Andrew's lap.

Knowing full well what she was talking about, Andrew closed his eyes and opened his mind, so that he could read hers. " It won't change. This feeling will stay with us forever." Andrew wraps his arms around Megan shoulders. " I love you, and I always will." he whispers into her ear.

"Can we stay here forever? Do you have the power to do that?" she knows he doesn't.

"If you remember everything about this moment and think about it all the time, then it will be like were here forever." Andrew smiles softly and kisses her neck. " When you fly, think of this moment. That's all I do." Andrew stands up.

"That's all the time you needed?"

"Yes, the power from the moon, the ocean, and your love helped."

Andrew grabs Megan's hand and starts floating. higher and higher, he takes her to above the city. looking down at all the bright lights, all the people still walking around at this time if night, Andrew let's go of her hand. She stumbles a little. But she stays where she is. Andrew pointed at the moon, Megan nodded, and they flew up to the clouds. They stop just as they reach the clouds, he lays down on the air, looking at Megan.

"Thank you Andrew, This was beautiful. I loved this, but I have to work tomorrow, I need to get home and well, I don't know where it is anymore." She smiles as she slowly makes her way to him.

"Want to get there fast?" Andrew grins as Megan nods. "Heh, alright." Andrew gets up and puts her in his arms. Andrew holds her so that she can't move, He thinks about dropping right into her front yard from this high up. Andrew starts to fall, Megan not knowing what he was doing, started to freak out. Andrew closed his eye's and sensed that her front yard was just under his feet. Megan still struggling to break free, as Andrew was 300 feet from the ground. "Easy, nothing will happen." Andrew said calmly, without opening his eyes. Megan stopped thrashing and looked at Andrews smooth face, he was in control of what was going on. Andrew stopped and hovered an inch from the ground. He kisses her before he put her down.

"Thank you. I had fun. I hope to see you soon. you jerk." She slapped his chest playfully, kisses him and leaves for her to go inside.

Andrew leaves, flying up into the air.

"A dangerous game you play Mr. Andrew." a voice from behind him called.

"I know what I'm doing Voldin. Trust me, Everything I do will work out in the end."

"So you think, it will be your greatest strength and your greatest weakness your love. Voldin says coldly. Andrew got the impression he was talking from experience.

Chapter 12: Jasmine And Kain.

Jasmine walks into Voldin's private study. " I want to teach the boy the ways of using his surroundings. I want to fight him he has become strong enough and smart enough. He will loose but, he won't loose bad."

" You greatly under estimate my friend, He has fought me and lived, unless your saying your stronger than me, I do believe you should keep those thoughts under wraps. I do not want teachers that are conceited. I don't want people that are hear for other motives than to anything otherthan happens, you won't like who I become."

"Alright" you old fool, if you only knew what I have in store for the boy. "Thank you." Jasmine leaves thinking she had the upper hand.

Voldin summoned buddy by thought. Andrew, you are i in for something new. I cannot protect you, it would chance setting balance into chaos, and you to be the one to attempt to rectify it. This is my delema: if I help I chance the balence shifting in our favour, if I don't I chance the future being changed yet again, but the balence wasn't mine to change. I felt it change all the times I faught. I know what happens to you but I do have to say there have been a couple hick-ups along the way. I can only interfere when your life is in eminent danger. I will make you srtonger than-

"You called?" Buddy entered the room.

"Yes, I have something to talk to you about."


Andrew was flying through the air, not thinking about anything particular. I wonder what would happen if I just said I didn't want to do this? Like Kain would reighn, but I could overthrow him, and alot of things could go wrong, but would it be all that bad? WHat the hall am I saying! Of course it would be bad! That bastered would inslave everyone ensuring a new ONe would never come to full term, so that none could challenge his power, not to mention what he wrote in the tablet: I have chose Evil as my side, all others that follow me if they get to read this, will die. What and egositsticalas-

"Andrew!!!!" Magan yelled.

" Oh, Meg." Andrew drops from the sky. the clouds go rushing past him, the wind screeming in his ears, he turns to look at the sky getting further from him as he decends.