This is possibly the strangest thing I have ever written. Ever. I am not aware if it is good or terrible, as I wrote it at about 3am last night. Please read and review if you have any ideas to make it better.

After finishing the laundry, Shelley settles down for what she likes to call her "Daily Daydream", curling up on the soft sofa in the middle of her chaste suburban dwelling.

Don't laugh at her. Please. This is the only chance she gets to drift away from her average, mundane life. She likes to dream a lot, sometimes about fame and fortune, adventure and mystery, and occasionally the odd romantic encounter. Every day, this woman dreams of a better, more exciting life, but as she knows, Shelley can only dream.

And dreaming is the only chance she has to get away from her charming yet dull husband, and her two children, likewise. Sure, she appreciates it, but every now and then, the ordinary thirty something woman needs just a little excitement. However, this time, unusually, Shelley finds herself drifting off to sleep before she can even start to imagine.

"Darling! Wake up!"

The frantic voice of her husband jolts her awake. She grumbles angrily, vowing to herself to make him cook his own dinner this time.


"Look outside!" he gasped, "We're….we're….."

She rolled off the sofa and bustled over to the window. Now, Shelley is not a sceptical person; far from, in fact. But even she can't believe her eyes when she sees something large and purple pounding away at the neighbours' house. Shelley grabs at her arm and squeezes it. Still awake. This is definitely not a daydream.

Shelley can feel her heart thumping in her chest as she peers at the thing some more. Running over the possibilites in her head, (advertising campaign, halluciogenic drugs, etc) she decides finally that it must be real. There is absolutely no explanation for it.

After hearing the high pitched shrieks of her daughters and husband, Shelley feels she must play the heroine in this situation. A sudden wave of courageous adrenaline rushes through her, and she yanks open the door handle and charges at the beast. She comes to an abrupt halt at it's feet as she realises her complete lack of plan or even weapons. Yet she still feels that she must help in some way, and Shelley bravely walks towards it, now armed with a rake she snatched up from the neighbours' lawn. The beast turns to look at her with beady eyes, and Shelley masks her terror by staring defiantly back at it.

But her bravery is short lived as this monstrosity scoops her up in a hairy hand, and leers at her hungrily. Shelley struggles and squirms as the enormous fingers close over her small body, but it is no use. As the hand rises up towards the creature's face, and the woman is tossed into the huge cavern of a mouth, one thought crosses her mind.

Be careful what you wish for.