I knew I was in huge trouble the moment I walked inside my house. The living room was deserted and I could just feel the tension in the house. I walked slowly in to the kitchen where my parents were sitting at the table drinking coffee. When I walked in they looked up and stared at me but didn't say anything.

"Hi…" I wanted to say more, but looking at their faces fell quiet after that one word.

"Where have you been Anne?" My mom's voice was quiet and I knew I would have been better off if she would have started yelling at me. My mom looked me in the eyes. I looked over at my dad to break the stare of my mom but he looked down forcing my eyes to lock back to my mothers.

"Just let me explain." They waited for my explanation, but I couldn't give one. I knew what I wanted to tell them, but I couldn't do it. How was I supposed to explain everything that had happened in the past month? I guess it all started during chemistry class.