4a, that will be the cell I must live in for the next 10 months. No, I'm not in jail. I wish I was though... I'm at school. Oh, and guess what there's a new addition to it. Me. Hooray... not.

I turn around in circles, thinking that I might get a concussion and miss school if I lose my balance. Ha, mark one point for one of the most idiotic things to do at school, a newschool. Yeah, because I just bumped into some huge wall. Ow... Oops, I look up... Ha, that wasn't a wall, that's my principal. I try smiling at the giant fur ball... man would you think this guy would try to shave?

"Hello Mr..." I begin.

He gave me a scowl, "Mr.Monet, and you student are late for class." I was practically entranced by the twitching of his blond moustache, it's as if it were a little animal trying to free itself from a trap...

"Are you even listening?" he bellows. I stare up at his eyes, which were practically etching my face into the "delinquents department" in his memory.

I felt like melting, "Y-yes Sir..."

Mr.Monet gives me this look as if I were insulting him, "You're the new student aren't you? Yes, I see, Desde..."

"Desdemona Morgan. Though I highly prefer Desymona, Sir." I say correcting the incompetent fool... Don't ask...

He almost lifted his left hair-inhibited nostril as if he were disgusted, "Desdemona," he coughs, "What on Earth were your parents- Uh, I mean... interesting name..."

Clenching my teeth I say, "It's Shakespearean. Oh, I insist to be called Desymona."

He shakes his head, "No, no, that won't work now..."

Well why don't you just bite me then you jerk. Instead, I pretend I don't understand, "Oh then Desy, Mona, Des, Mon Mon..."

He interrupts, "Huh, aren't you the charming comedian now?"

Huh, aren't you the charming donkey's dirty behind now?

Mr.Monet gives me a 'don't even bother thinking that or I'll have you kicked out of the school' look. He walks down the hall, "Come."

I follow the big mountain down the empty hall to another identical door. Oh look there is something different about this one... Oh, oh wait, yeah...okay, yup it says 4a. Mr.Monet opens the classroom door, guess he slammed it open because the sonic boom must have gave half of the students a heart attack. I look at the numerous eyes... Maybe they're just startled to see me.

"Oh Mr.Monet, is this the new student?" says a teacher, I guess (he looked as young as us but was as tall as a mountain). I watch him adjust his glasses, he has a kind of Clark Kent-Peter Parker thing going on. Not that I'm trying to say he's hot! No... no, no, no... Bad, never... No, I am NOT calling the teacher... hot... Handsome maybe... Whatever.

Mr.Monet scoffs at him, "What do you think Robs?"

'I think that you should lay off the doughnuts and you probably need a shave too.' I stared at Mr.Robs. Did he just say that? I look at the class and Mr.Monet who seem unaffected by the comment. It could be me or they're just really spaced out listeners. Okay, it's definitely me. I look at my future teacher who apparently didn't say anything out loud. Oh God... It is me... I've seen a movie like this that has related to my situation... Carrie. Well not the whole background story... Heck no, it's just the telekinetic powers phenomena... Or maybe it's the 'I shouldn't have eaten that expired cracker phenomena'.

Well, whatever is happening, I definitely know that I read Mr.Clark-Parker's mind. Weird. I'll just force myself to stay outof the twenty-four year old's mind. Yeah, I already know his age now.

Mr.Monet coughs as he says, "This is your new student," say, Desy, say Desy..."Desdamonda Morgan."

My jaw drops, that turd totally got my name wrong... On purpose. I take the initiative of stepping to the front.

'what is she doing?!' I hear Mr.Hairy-Monet say in his head.

I smirk to myself, "Actually, it's Desy Morgan."

'Do I care... Ugh, I'm gonna have to sit through this whole speech...' I hear this one guy think. He sat almost lying back on the back of his seat with his hoodie's hood practically engulfing his red mop-top hairstyle. Humph, the idiot.

I watch his grey eyes narrow, then he smirks, 'You know, I heard that.'