Most people, at some point, meet someone who brings a complete change to their lives; who turns their world upside down and makes a huge mess. Usually this someone turns out to be their true love, who stays by their side forever and ever. But sometimes this person just vanishes, like they were never there; the only trace of their existence being the trail of destruction and reconstruction they have left behind.

I once met someone like that. I was fifteen and my life was relatively easy; I lived with my parents, went to a good school and had a small but close group of friends. I met him in the school toilets of all places. Because of him, my friends deserted me and my parents almost threw me out of the house.

But it was also because of him that I made new friends; friends who have stuck with me ever since. And thanks to him I was able to figure out who I really am. He helped me shape my true identity, away from those who wanted to force me into little boxes and give me meaningless labels.

My story starts on a sunny day, in the nearly abandoned fifth-floor toilet. No one ever went there because it was far from the classrooms and because the all the sinks and half the urinals had been broken by a group of bullies three years ago and no one had moved to fix anything yet (there were plenty of other toilets in the school building after all). The place had become my refuge, somewhere I went to when I wanted a few minutes of peace to write my stories.

On that day, however, I was not alone.

I was sitting on the ground, back against the wall and notebook on my lap. I was so absorbed in my writing I did not notice someone sneaking in and standing in front of me. I did not know how long he was there for, but at some point he probably got tired of waiting and just yanked the notebook away from me.

"Neat handwriting. Beats mine any day." He commented off-handedly as he scanned though the pages.

"Who are you? Give it back!" I stood up, enraged by the sudden interruption and ashamed that someone was looking through my stuff. My face felt hot because of the anger, but when I looked at the person standing in front of me the red covering my cheeks gained a whole new meaning. The guy was about the same height as me, and his hair was long, blonde and tied in a low pony-tail. His school tie was undone and his shirt was a few sizes too small, clinging to his body like a second skin. It was possible to make out the shadow of a six-pack under it, but overall he was pretty skinny.

"Oh, don't worry, I'm just exploring. Today's my first day of classes, so…" He replied provocatively. There was something slightly disturbing in his tone that made me shiver. "And who are you?"

His eyes locked on mine then; bright, blue, and enchanting. I could neither blink, nor look away. I was partly scared by the intensity of those orbs, but most of me was finding it really intriguing, making it hard to look away.

"My name is Oscar Schubert. I'm in fourth year." I finally said.

"Cool. I'm in third year. You are probably older then. I like that!"

He took a step forward. My back hit the wall behind me as I felt his body press against mine. I was trapped. His hands traveled around my waist, playing with my belt. I wanted him to stop and release me, but the moment I opened my mouth to protest he slid his tongue inside it, kissing me like none of my girlfriends ever had. One of his hands quickly opened my belt, the other went up to hold my face in place. My legs turned into jelly then, his body against mine being the only thing preventing me from sliding to the ground. He did not break the kiss as his hand found its way inside my boxers and to my cock. A moan escaped my throat and louder ones followed as he began to gently stroke my hardening member.

"Sssh, they'll hear us." He whispered in my ear, ever so sensual, making my whole body shiver. "Be quiet or it'll ruin the fun!"

He did not give me the chance to reply. The next thing I knew my trousers and underwear were down my ankles and he had my whole dick inside his mouth. I bit my lip to refrain from screaming. He worked gently at first, swirling his tongue around the tip before swallowing the whole thing again. He sucked more vigorously as his hands played with my balls. It was hard to keep quiet, and as his pace increased, it was even harder to keep standing. I dug my teeth so hard in my lip, it bled. I trusted my hips forward and he made an appreciative, sexy moan, urging me to keep going. I fucked his mouth as fast as I could, my eyes closed and my hand muffing the screams I could not keep inside.

He had unzipped his trousers at some point, and now he was taking them off too, even as his mouth was being assaulted by my trusts. I was close to orgasm when he held my hips and let go of my cock.

"Fuck my ass. Now." He demanded, his tone so lustful there was no way I could refuse.

He turned, getting on all fours, and I did not think twice. He moaned when I was fully inside him and resumed my trusting, fucking him harder and harder until I could hold out no longer. I came inside him, but in the bliss of the moment I forgot I was supposed to keep quiet.


I had barely pulled out when three of my teachers came running into the toilet. Two of them were looking at me outraged, but the third one, my Geography teacher, went straight for my 'companion':

"Jean, what did you do this time?"

He was clearly angry with the boy, but it did not prevent him from gently helping his student back up. The boy, Jean, answered as he put his trousers back on in a way that made me think of a strip-tease in reverse.

"Nothing, really. I was just bored, and Oscar happened to be in the right place at the right time." Jean's eyes never left me. He winked suggestively at the end of his speech, making me blush uncontrollably. The other teachers were certainly not impressed. Mr. Smith, the Geography teacher, sighed and put a hand on his forehead as if he had a huge migraine coming.

"Jean, we need to talk. Again. Oscar, I'm sorry, but you'll have to come too."

And thus my life made an eight-hundred-degree turn. When I walked out of the toilet escorted by the teachers, I had the feeling I was in deep trouble. At that point I just did not know how much.