Fuck off Babydoll. Apologize all you want, I still don't believe you're sorry, or that given the chance you'd change.

You twisted my emotions through your fingers and around my neck. And you pulled - hard, my vertebra crack and snap.

Still you touch me like a lover, caressing every nerve ending you can reach. With hands that know exactly where I'm weakest. Like white chocolate melting, burning beneath years of experience and lust.

On my knees and begging to be useful, begging to be wanted and needed. Asking if it's ok, and you nod your head, moaning, 'Look, you're useful…'

That's all I need to hear, set on mastering as many skills as I can. Aptly studying how-to manuals, making myself invaluable. Debasing and devaluing the person in an attempt to be irreplaceable.