Conversation with a Lunatic:

Sing walks over and sits in the throne chair.

Unidentified Voice 1: Hold still, you lunatic, I'm trying to cure your lunacy.

Unidentified Voice 2: Oh be quiet, or I'll make you crazy too.

Unidentified Voice 3: Grumble, grumble, grumble…

Unidentified Voice 2: Go grumble yourself.

Unidentified Voice 4: I do not understand. How does one grumble oneself?

Unidentified Voice 2: Never mind.

Unidentified Voice 1: I'm concentrating…. Please be silent.

Sing: Ouch… my memories hurt. She places her right hand to her head.

UV1: Sorry. It's necessary in curing you.

UV2: Really? Can you read my mind?

UV1: No.

Sing sighs and taps her fingers on the arm of the chair.

UV1: Hold still.

UV2: Are you sure you can't read my mind?

UV1: The only way I can is for you to sit in this chair but seeing how it's occupied…

UV2: Not for long.

Invisible hands start pulling on Sing.

Sing: Hey!!

UV3: No. I'll hurt you if you remove her from the chair.

UV4: That is most illogical.

UV1: I cannot work if you guys are always talking!

UV2: Do we have to?

UV3: Yes.

UV2: No!! Her voice becomes muffled.

UV4: At last, silence.

UV1: I can finally work now.

Sing shifts in her seat. Suddenly the lights flicker.

Sing: Hello?

The lights flicker again.

UV3: Looks like she can't get rid of us.