Chapter 2

So let's get one thing straight, my name ISN'T Fitch. Actually it's just Ryan, pretty pain huh? I can't remember when people started calling me Fitch, they think it's clever or something. You know how sometimes peoples names mean the opposite of what they are. Like calling a bald dude Curly, or that tall guy in Moby Dick Stubs. They call me Fitch cause my clothes are unfashionable. I told you my high school sucked. I can't believe I was ever friends with those...

Wow, I'm way ahead of myself! Any who, after my double run in with Aaron and Laura I was tremendously late for Chemistry. Why I decided to take such a ridiculous class is really beyond me. I discovered my hopelessness in the subject from about my third week of school when I accidentally dumped bleach on the teachers brand new cashmere sweater. We'll just say from that point on she graded my work slightly harsher than the other students.

I took my usual seat at the furthest lab table, hidden in the corner where I couldn't possibly ruin anything else important, and pried my notebook from the bottom of my overly stuffed binder. Of course, the second I opened the prongs all papers on one side slid themselves free. Sighing, I attempted to get each paper back where it belonged. The process took a number of minutes, and I didn't look up until my work was finished. When I did I really wished I hadn't, because Laura's be speckled eyes where wide and directly on mine. "Oh, hello Laura. I didn't hear you come in!" That's a first I thought, resisting a chuckle.

"That's okay! I've been here a few moments now!" giggle "I just didn't want to disturb you until you finished your work!" I waited, knowing she'd go on before I had a chance to reply anyways. "Did you hear? Cheerleading tryouts are today! Maybe I'll make the squad this year!"

The chances of making our school's VERY competitive cheerleading squad were very slim for Laura. And by slim I mean if she made it then pig's have been flying for about 100 years now. "Laura, I don't know if cheerleading is really your thing. I mean, aren't you completely booked with the science team and AP classes?" I asked, hoping to make her change her mind before she became the school's next laughing stock.

"No, really, I've been practicing for weeks now! And I already have my schedule organized around Friday night games and Wednesday practices!" There really was no use arguing with Laura when she had her mind set on something, I'd leave it to the cheerleaders to disappoint her.

"Um... so I was wondering..." oh no, now Laura was wondering, this was never good "I was wondering if you might come watch... I don't think I'll know anyone else there, and I need a little support."

Was she really asking? Why would she ask me? "I don't know Laura, I have to feed the dog when I get home..."

"That's okay! Try-outs aren't until four! They have to give us some time to clean up ya know!" was she batting her eyelashes at me now? Was it really that important? "Please Fitch? I need someone."

I was trapped now, I couldn't think of another excuse. "Okay Laura, I'll come, but I might be a few minutes late."

"Really?! You'll come?!" Laura let out one of her BIG giggles, the ones that really tick me off. "Thank you so much Fitch! That's really nice of you! So, did you grab the test tubes?" And there was her signature subject changing skills.