I could no longer remember why I was in pain, all I knew was that I could feel the blood under the bandages and my left eye still refused to open. I crawled to a rock. I needed a safe place the creatures would be out soon. The sun was raising and it wasn't safe to be out. As the sun peaked over the horizon I heard the pulsing of wings. A creature. I panicked as I tried to crawl away. It had to have been them that hurt me. If not, what could have had happened to me?

The creature walked towards me. Female. She was a female. The first that I have seen with these creatures; I had only seen males in battle. She bent down next to me, "Mara," She whispered, "It's alright, calm down." She whispered.

I shook my head and reached for my gun, but screeched in pain as I realized that it wasn't there, there was nothing there but bandages. My eyes widened as she put her hand on my head, "Rest," She whispered, "And when night comes Zerrick will be with you."

My eyes fell closed as the pain took over.

The pain disappeared, and it wasn't my eyes that I was seeing through. The eyes fell on my body, this was someone else, and was impossible. I couldn't be seeing things from someone else's point of view. I looked up at the female creature, "How is she?" I asked, my voice holding fear. I knew the girl on the bed could still feel my emotions, I knew that she could still read my thoughts and see what I saw, but I couldn't use those tricks without harming her. The marks protected her from the damage that could happen.

"She's hurt Zerrick." The female creature ran her hand through her hair, "They skinned it completely from her. There are infections to worry about and the blood lost. The smallest amount of emotion that you feed her could harm her." Her eyes darted up to mine, "It would be best if I took her."

"I don't think that's wise. That cuts our connection off completely. She won't be able to feel me, I won't be able to be with her if…" I swallowed that thought. It would allow too much anger to escape from me. I couldn't stop the thought from coming. If she died, the humans were going to pay. Seth was going to pay. The anger filled me a flowed outwards. The girl on the bed arched her back as the emotions hit her and a strangled scream escaped her throat.

The female creature ran to her side, "Mara, sush," She whispered, "It's alright." She glared up at me. "That's why I need to take her from here."

I swallowed, "Fine," I closed my eyes and tried to get a handle on my anger, "Fine." My vision was dark, but my mind was trying to figure out what had happened. Had it been a dream? Creatures didn't care about humans. They were against us.

I forced my eyes opened and I looked around me expecting to see the holding room, but I was in a very different room. There were silk curtains around the bed that I was lying in, and rich colors all around the room. A rug covered the floor. It was strange to be in an actual room instead of a cave-like room. I sat up and felt a stabbing pain down my back. I tried to remember what happened, but nothing came to me. I could remember the creatures, and one of them took me away after…after what?

"How are you feeling?" A female voice asked. I searched the room for the voice and my eyes landed on a creature. She looked just like a human except for the black wings that came from her back. She looked no older than twenty, and beautiful. This was the creature who had taken me from Haven. In her hands she held a golden tray with water on it. Clean water.

I licked my lips. "My back hurts, and I don't remember what happened."

She walked toward the bed and put the tray down. She picked up the glass and offered it to me. "You've been through a lot," She helped me cradle the glass, "and Zerrick has been missing you. He was afraid that he lost you."

"Zerrick?" I asked softly. The name sounded familiar, but I couldn't put a face to it. I gulped down the water, enjoying the dirt-free taste. I felt like something was missing from me, but like so many other feelings, I couldn't put a finger on it.

She laughed slightly, "You drink like you've never tasted fresh water."

She had avoided my question and I didn't like it. "I haven't had fresh water since the last rain fall, and even then it's tainted with whatever happens to be in the atmosphere." Yet, somehow I knew that was wrong. I had received fresh water recently, but where?

"Zerrick makes you drink dirty water?" She made a face. "I will have to talk to him about that."

Again I asked. "Zerrick?"

"Your betrothed. Do you not remember him either?" The concern in her voice frightened me.

I shook my head, and then looked up when the door opened and the creature who I had met with Angel walked in. He knelt by my bed and took my hand, "My betrothed, how do you feel?"

I couldn't stop the scream that climbed up my throat. I tried to move away from him and ended up hitting my back against the wall. I screamed in pain and pulled away from the wall, which put me in the middle of the bed. I gave the creature wide eyes and then glanced at the other girl. "Why am I here? What trick is this?" My voice was tight with pain.

Zerrick looked up at the female creature and then back to me. Hurt flashed in his eyes for a moment, and then it was gone. "Let me hold your hand, Cael¸ and I promise you'll feel better." He held his hand out to me.

I looked at it. There were calluses on the palm, he was a warrior this I knew, and the calluses were from his sword. I had taken a shot at this creature before, but I had also worried about him at battle. I slid my hand into his, my body tensing in pain, but the moment that his fingers wrapped around my hand I felt calm. "Please answer me. What is going on?"

He held my hand and made no other move towards me. "We found you out in the ruins, skinned and dying." He whispered. He swallowed as emotions flooded across his face. "We…we brought you back to our home, Astel has been watching over you since you were found and she was hoping you could tell us what happened."

As he spoke flashes of things went through my mind, but I wasn't sure which was mine and which were his. I saw the other rebel's preparing for something, possibly a battle, but they were only gathering blades. I saw a girl wrapped in chains to the wall, half her body scared. I knew she wasn't me. She was much more beautiful, her blonde hair cascaded down her body trying to hide her from view. Then I saw me laying on the bed, pale and bandaged.

My hand went to my back but Zerrick grabbed it, "You can't touch the wounds," He whispered, "We just got the infections out of them. It would do you no good to get the infection back."

I brushed his cheek with my hand, "What is this about Zerrick? Why do you care so much?"

"You are my beloved, and my betrothed." He turned his head to kiss my cheek. "You are the link between both worlds, and species now."

I swallowed, "How long have I been asleep?" I tried to stand, but I was feeling weak and hardly managed to move to the edge of the bed.

"A few weeks now," Astel smiled, "Your connection with Zerrick was strong enough to keep you alive." She poured another glass of water for me. "Now that you're awake though, you should start healing faster."

I nodded slightly, mostly to please them, "How long do I have to stay here?" I was half hoping I was dreaming.

"You have to stay here until you are able to walk around without a problem, and then we can go back to your land." Zerrick kissed the top of my hand.

"My land?" I asked, "Does that mean this is like an out of body experience?" No, of course not, if it was I wouldn't be in pain. I sighed.

"You're in our land, or…dimension for lack of a better word. Where we came from." Astel sat next to me. She glanced at Zerrick, and then back to me, "You'll understand with time, for now you need more rest. You're becoming pale again."

Zerrick stood, taking it as his sign to leave, "I will see you later Mara." He whispered something I didn't understand and then left.

Once the door was in place I looked at Astel, "Who was the human with the scars, the blonde one."

Astel froze, and then turned to me, "Where did you see her?"

"I saw her when Zerrick touched me." I didn't like how she avoided my questions, "Who was she?"

Astel licked her lips, "That is our father's human. After our mother died, Father…stripped his human of the mark, hoping to separate the connection. He only made it worse, the connection is much stronger without the marks, but there is no limit to it. If he wanted to he could kill her by feeding her too much of his emotion, but she is strong enough that she stores most of what he gives her and he uses it later. Like in the recent battle." She sighed, "He won't listen to any of us about her. He continues leaving her in that room locked up, claiming she's out of control."

"When was the recent battle?" Fear flooded me. How many of my team had they killed this time?

Astel sighed, "The night after we found you. Zerrick went after the humans that skinned you-"

"The humans wouldn't do this to me! I am one of their own!" I stood but then stumbled to the ground. I was able to catch myself on my hands and my knees but I was groaning in pain. Tears stung the corner of my right eye, my left still not functional.

"Mara," Astel came to my side and I tried to push her away, but she was stronger than me. She helped me back up on the bed. "Your memories will return in time, and you will feel the betrayal that you have witnessed." She poured something into the glass of water and then swirled it. "This will help you sleep."

I took the glass hesitantly and drank it, "My kind would not betray me as such." I whispered as I laid down. I heard a strange language come from her as she pulled the blanket over me. I closed my eyes and waited for sleep to come to me.

I woke in the sunshine and glanced around, no Astel, no Zerrick. I closed the one eye that was working and stood, pausing for a moment before I found my balance. I was determined to find out what these creatures wanted with me, and to rescue the scared human. So that's what these creatures did to our kind. I slowly made my way to the door, passing a mirror on the way. The left side of my body was covered mostly in bandages, under the white night gown that I was wearing, and my left eyes was open, and blank. I recalled some type of marks going around it. Had the creatures damaged my eye by removing the marks? I shook my head and opened the door. I had seen the place where the girl was kept through Zerrick's eyes so I had an idea of where I was going.

The place seemed completely empty, save for the occasional guard that I would hide from. I could feel myself becoming weaker the further I went, but I had to get that other human and get out of here. I found the door that I need, a huge oak door with carvings in a language that I didn't know. I pushed the door opened, and found it empty of people, but I knew this wasn't where the girl was. The girl was in a little room to the left, a door with warnings on it in that same language is what kept the girl locked away. I slowly opened it, "Hello?"

I was greeted by a whimper, and I walked further into the room. At the wall the blond was chained, her head held down so that her long hair cascaded down her front, but her green eyes stared up at me, hate in them. "So they did this to you too?" She asked with a snarl.

I nodded, "I came to let you free, take you back to our world." I started walking towards her, but when she screamed out in pain I stopped. Her back arched and I could see that she was naked and all the scars from being skinned, but under those scars I could see a faint version of the mark glow. "What's wrong?" I asked softly.

"He's…He's drawing power, a battle is going on. He needs his anger to feed from." Her voice was breathless. "Go, before he finds you here."

I shook my head and went to get her, but before I made it too far my knees went weak, and I fell.

"Cael," Zerrick's voice came from behind me and soothed some of the pain. He scooped me up, "My Cael," He chided, "You should be resting."

I shook my head, "I swear, if you even think about chaining me up and using me like that I will kill you."

Zerrick glanced back at the girl chained to the wall, "You are my beloved, Mara, I would never do that to you. I promise you that."