A/N: Greetings, friends: And welcome to Second Chances

A/N:Greetings, friends: And welcome to Second Chances. This was something that I thought up while re-reading my 'Crimson Tears' story; and wanted to make a spin-off sequel. In case you're wondering, yes, this does deal with M/M fluff; so, if you're not one who's into this type of story: Please exit now while you still can. If not, then feel free to kick back and enjoy. Reviews are always nice, too.

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Night soon fell upon the mountains of Lake Powell, as the winds of summer blew softly upon the landscape. This was around the time when most people would be at home, curled up with their loved ones; or relaxing from a long day of working.

The air was unusually warm for eight o' clock at night; but, the streak of stars that were painted across the heavens made the atmospheric conditions worth it.

In the distance, one could easily hear the haunting call of loons, as they passed eerily made their way across the now-blackened waters. This was the perfect night for a romantic stroll; but, indeed: not everyone had had their mind set, or a partner to do such things with.

From the mystery of the night; a lone figure took a place upon a nearby hill with a tired sigh. They swept a few locks of winter mint hair off from their face, as they took out a little bottle of water; taking a quick sip, before placing it back into the carry bag that sat next to them to their left.

Diverting their gaze towards the lake; their lavender eyes seemed to stare in a sense of reflection. It was true that their former love had long-since gotten married; and from what he had been told by others like himself: they had also started a family with their new husband.

This had in one sense made him smile, and glad that the one who he had lost due to being killed had finally found his light: But, in another: it made him sad to know that things could never be the same again. He had known deep down inside, that he would always hold a special place in his heart for his once-love; but, he also knew it wasn't meant to be.

Laying out upon the soft, emerald-green grass below him; he let a pair of soft, white wings spread out around him: his thoughts returning to the final day in which he had been able to share with the man whom he would always love:

"Run, Selene. Don't worry about me. Get outa here, ok? I'll meet up with you later."

"No, Tristan! I won't leave you!"

"You have to, sweetheart. I can get you out of this- you deserve to survive."

"But I can't. I can't go on without you."

"Selene, darling- you taught me so much about love. I never knew at all what it was until I met you. And believe me- I wouldn't trade the years we shared for anything. But now, darling- we must take this chance. Please remember that if anything does happen to me, that I'll always love you. Please, my love- get out."

The former vampire, now angel turned away; briefly closing his lavender pools, as the memories rushed back to him like a tidal wave. He could still hear, and remember everything: the tears of his beloved, Selene; the agonizing jolt of pain from the jagged stake being plunged into his undead heart; the tortured cries of his own voice being emitted into the night, so long ago; and the feeling of each drop of life being taken from him in just a matter of seconds.

Was he dead? Indeed so. That stake had ended his eternal life; leaving him to be a ghost of the night, until finally being able to cross over into heaven's gate.

Still, the handsome young man had wished to stay on earth, so he could watch over the one in which he had always loved; and because he wasn't quite ready to 'rest in peace' just yet.

Something had held him back; but, he wasn't exactly sure as to what that something was. It had plagued him like a swirling vortex of questions each time he'd awaken to a new day; but, an answer could never be found. But nonetheless, he waited: until the light of his own would come to find him.

And ends chapter one. I hope everyone liked it; and if not: oh, well. It was an idea I had come up with; and I'm going to continue writing it out, because I have the whole story planned out. I had felt bad for poor Tristan, and I didn't want to leave him without his own story; so, hence, this treasure was born. Please be kind, and leave a review. I shall update again soon. Blessed be!