I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I was never good enough for you

I'm sorry I'm not what you wanted me to be

I'm sorry I couldn't be the perfect daughter

But you never gave me the chance to be me

You ruled my life and made all my decisions

You didn't let me make my own mistakes

You told me what to do and I had to obey

And now I know you're both just fakes

Neither of you cared about me when I was born

Neither of you cared whether I lived or not

And you're supposed to be my parents

Then you wonder why my temper is so hot

I hate the way you treated me all my life

I hated the way I had to do as I was told

But I'm sorry I didn't live up to expectations

Yet still your expectations I hold

I want to be good enough to please you both

I really do want to be a part of our family

But I guess I was never good enough for you

So I guess no family is the life for me

I'm sorry I was so useless and stupid

I'm sorry I'm no good at sports in any part

I'm sorry I couldn't live up to expectations

I'm sorry but now I must stop hurting you and depart