You'll never realise this

as my tears stain this page

how happy that you make me

because I've never let you see

that side of me. I know I

can be unbearable at times,

that my moodiness gets the best

of me too often and I say things

with the intention of hurting you

because the voices in my head keep

telling me that I'm undeserving

of a guy like you and I'm not

making excuses, just letting you know.

And there's days I dwell

on all our flaws, not because I

want this to end but because I've

never felt like this before and

I want to protect myself despite

...despite how much safer I

feel locked tightly in your arms.

I can be unapproachable, a little

irrational, imperfect doesn't even

begin to describe me, but...underneath,

yeah, underneath it all, I haven't felt

this happy in forever, I smile for

no reason other than the memory of you,

the way you take me by surprise, do the

sweetest things when I least expect

it, make me feel like the most beautiful,

most important girl in the room, kiss

me on the forehead goodnight. I know

I sound gushy, maybe stupid, but

I don't know if you have the slightest

idea that I wouldn't change a moment

that's passed between us, every fight

has made us stronger, every doubt,

more thankful that I have you, every

kiss making me want more. Sometimes

I lay awake in my bed, not wanting to sleep

for insomnia and thoughts of you are

so much better than my dreams could

ever be. Every second pales in comparison

to the silence between us, looking up into

your eyes, watching a smile creep onto

your face, never seen anything more

perfect that that. You make me laugh

unlike any other, you make me melt

with every word, there's nothing I

wouldn't do for you, I have the songs

you've sung to me constantly in my

head, I spend chemistry staring into

space, cherished memories playing on my

mind, romantic poms composing

themselves in my head. This is what

you do to me, you're my inspiration and

I don't care for tomorrow, not when

I have today with you. You spoil me, I

love the way you ruffle my hair, how

you slip your arm around me instinctively,

let me play with your fingers, rest my head

on your shoulder, sing my favourite song

with that gorgeous voice of yours, make me

want to cry because it's the nicest thing

anyone's ever done. I wonder if you have

a clue that every moment between us is

stored safely in my memory, every phone call,

every comforting word you've ever said because

I don't want to lose a second we've shared.

You're mine. My baby. My knight in shining

armour. Just to let you know.