My line of work requires sacrifice

When you think...then you can't

People come and go like popcorn

Friends made closer than the ones from home

Relationships torn to be built over and over

People you never thought you would meet

They come from all over the country

I learned so much from them

Lived in the south all my life

Joined at the age of 20 to travel

Been to the sand box at 21 years old

So you could say I have been around

Made friends that I will miss

We just learn that we come and go

Keeping in touch won't be too hard

That's what computers are good for

I understand that our career is different

But in the end we get seperated

Sacrifice is a big word to justify

To the world that's what we do

That is what I signed up for

I've made friends through my two years

It hurt a little when they have to leave

But this is part of the military life...