You don't need to fly me to the moon,

Or give me stars and bliss.

I just want you to help the world,

This, and only this.

We could join forces,

Together we are so strong,

You said you'd give me happiness,

Well let's sort out the wrong.

If we could be superheros,

If only for a day,

We could save the world my friend,

We'll show them all the way.

And if only for two countries,

What a mighty victory,

Sort out the demons of parliament,

Start our own history.

The world needs our help,

Not money, not guns, not oil,

All we need is one another,

Some water, some seeds, some soil.

If we could only be superheros,

The world we could make right,

No more problems or death,

Oh what a lovely sight.

I know we aren't superheros,

I know we can't make it right,

I know the demons of parliament,

Will never know that sight.

But as long as I'm dreaming,

And you're still trying to make me smile,

We'll make it in the end my friend,

It just might take a while.

S A V E B U R M A A N D T I B E T 3