(Just go on and GUESS who this was inspired by. Go ahead. I'm not stopping you. What's that you say? DINGDINGDING! CORRECT! My BROTHER! It's really quite sad... my brother and I never get along. And I know what I'm talking about when I say never. So this poem comes STRAIGHT from my heart. I wrote this right after yet ANOTHER quarrel with the one and only. It aint fair I tell you... I was just playing a game and WHAMMO! Insults galore. Hopefully this poem expresses how I feel well enough, 'cause ya know, it's TOTALLY true... SAD, but true.)

:::Verbal Scar:::

Insults, are thrown,
in the other's face,
insults of hate,
in a horrible race,
Sharp words spat out,
hurtful to the other,
harmful to whom,
is my own brother,
He calls me weak,
"confused" he does state,
though I spit back,
my words are too late,
Always claiming;
"better" than I,
he's caused me such pain,
I want to ask "why",
"Family quarrals",
appon two siblings,
sharp is our tongues,
but only pain it brings,
Though he may be correct,
so am I,
there is no end,
to this game so sly,
I cry so hard,
so late at night,
no wonder I'm sleepless...
there's always a fight,
Though I walk away,
it never ends there,
life with him isn't easy,
it just isn't fair,
"Let it end!",
I want to scream,
my eyes filled with water,
shiny they gleam,
But my cries mean nothing,
more insults flow,
and more of my tears,
begin to show,
He brings me down hard,
never to rise,
from this deep pain,
of meaningless cries.