One instant. The faintest touch of her lips to mine, the smell of her perfume wafting into my nose, hands intertwined as we had clasped them together when the kiss began. It seems an eternity ago. No, this isn't one of those crappy romance poems about how each moment with lasts forever. We are seriously trapped like this. All those poems about time stopping when you kissed someone? All lies. This, though, this is true.

It took me a while to realize it, actually. We kissed, and suddenly everything stopped. At first I figured it was just a slow kiss, and she wanted to enjoy it. That was the reason she wasn't moving. So why wasn't I moving either?

Believe me, what they say about wanting this one moment to last forever? They're liars. After about a month you have explored every slight twinge in every nerve ending of your body. You've memorized the contours of her lips, you could probably recognize her hand by touch alone for the rest of eternity, and that perfume I mentioned makes you want to gag every time you notice it, which is plenty often. Not that you ever could puke of course, because hey, time is frozen, right?

Of course I had to close my eyes as soon as she leaned in. I wonder what the world is like sometimes. Did she close her eyes? Has she been staring at me for the past however long, wondering what I'm thinking in my endless catatonia. I figure everyone else has frozen, or else somebody would have moved us. I wish they would, just so I could feel something new. Apparently that isn't happening though.

I think of the wars around the world. Has some guy been stuck for the past months staring at the bullet baring down on him, about to strike him square in between the eyes? Knowing that in this moment, he has life, but at any moment, fate could change its mind and begin this dance of life anew. Knowing that with the next second he is dead.

I wonder if I will die. Will I age, trapped in this position for the rest of my life? Or am I trapped in this moment forever? When your life is boiled down into one instant, it really doesn't take that long to experience all it has to offer. Death would seem a release at this point.

I cannot know this though. All I know is that faint touch of her lips to mine. The smell of that damned perfume. The feel of her hands clutched in mine. Just this instant.