I've never been the best at introductions so I'll make this simple and to the point

I've never been the best at introductions so I'll make this simple and to the point. My name is Brennan James. I'm a vampire. If you want to know anything just ask, I don't bite, I inject. I'm not one of those vampires that'll suck your blood, I inject it, ya see my dad in his infinite New York City cop wisdom decided to pistol whip my fangs out the night I became a vampire….the night my best friend Ryan and my girlfriend Naomi were killed by me when I went through a thing called bloodlust its like ….the night that changed and the sun rose on a I used to your average guy….i had a mom, who didn't live with me, a dad who was a cop and dreams. I don't have dreams anymore…I don't even sleep. Its not because I can't. I refuse to sleep, when I sleep I hear the voices of my mind and the voices of my friends who I killed. What I mean by the voices is this: I have multiple personalities inside my head, firstly there is Danny, my psychotic bloodthirsty serial killer persona, than there is Alex…my tortured suicidal part of me…pathetic begging for death all the time…then theres ryan ever since I killed ryan I've had his voice inside my head always telling me the right thing to do….and whats wrong. The final that was voice that was in my head was that of Abraham, an ancient vampire, whom turned me from a man to an immortal….I'm haunted not only by the voices of my two slain best friends but also of the one who turned me into the one who killed them….and now because of my fathers sacrifice to bring back Naomi….my fathers body is now inhabited by Abraham..well….i guess its time to start this story in the way it should have will end….with death.