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MY Dark Angel

I was abused. So what? That's how it had always been. And it seemed, that was how it always would be. I got escapes, sometimes. When I was able to, I wandered through the forests. But then on day, I came across a strange being, a man.

A man that I felt attracted to.

But why?

Chapter 1

I closed my eyes, waiting for the hard club to come crashing upon my already cracked skull once more. Pain was a figment of the imagination, and I had learned to become immune long ago. My father, a strong powerful demon had sunk so low as to beat me, his own daughter. He hated me, I killed mom, when it was he that finally beat her to death.

I felt it come down on my head, but I kept my eyes closed, I would not let him see how much pain he was putting me through, truly. Oh but how I longed to see him dead, he had killed my mother while she was begging for mercy and while I was sleeping in my crib, and now he was working diligently to do the same to me.

"Is this how you want it to be Kate?!" he roared as the club smashed over my head again.

Finally, I had had enough. I grabbed the club and ripped it free of his grasp. I snapped it over my knee and threw the worthless twigs away.

I glared at him coolly.

"You can hit me as hard and as much as you want, but you'll never see me beg for mercy."

I turned and went out the door. I had vowed with myself that I would use my demon strength; my father would never see me shed a tear.

I walked through the dark forests that became darker and darker as I reached the line where my world faded off into darkness. This was my true home. I love it here, the dim sky swirled with clouds, threatening to rain but it never did. And I could see beyond the trees into the dark world that lay ahead. I was leaving the safety of the light, and traveling into darkness.

Of course, I never wandered far. The farther I got from my world, the weaker my powers became. But still, I couldn't help it, the darkness beckoned to me with a soft but controlling voice, promising me safety and sanctuary from my dark world in the light.

My hands dropped to my sides to check that my daggers were still in place. I lifted my shirt and inspected them. Suddenly, the snapping of a twig made my long pointed ears twitch and I looked up, scanning the forest for any sign of movement. My fingers tightened around one of my ivory handled daggers, one of my most prized possessions for I had made it myself.

My ears strained and sweat began to bead on my brow as I walked farther from the safety of light, and farther into darkness.

A flash of white caught my eye and I turned toward it, growling. He blended in with the darkness, for his skin was black as midnight. His hair was white and blinding and his eyes gleamed a bright red. His pointed ears were pierced three times on either side, he was a demon, and a powerful one too. The piercings in his ears marked his great accomplishments as a demon, he was noble.

His face was soft, curious.

I growled and raised my blade. I hated everyone, especially men.

He turned and disappeared just as suddenly as he had appeared. I turned away and sunk my knife back into its sheath.

I grinned and chuckled to myself. There he was a noble demon, and he runs from a challenge, from a woman! A noble demon my ass!

I turned and walked out of the forest, back to face my raging father…

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