Chapter One:

The sun was setting peacefully – almost like it was falling from the sky into a peaceful slumber, waiting to awake the next day. I sat on a hill, my arms wrapped around somebody's waist. I tried to look over at the man that was radiating heat into my very soul. I felt his love engulf me in a warm bubble – keeping me safe from unwanted pain. His eyes danced along my skin and I giggled. I felt his beautiful eyes stop on my lips. The heat ran across my body as his fingertip brushed my cheek. He smiled and leaned in for a kiss. The passion tore my very essence into pieces as his hands felt every crevasse of my arm. They travel up my neck and into my hair – fire burning along the outskirts of my skin. I felt the wind blow softly along us.

Suddenly, the passion stopped and he was staring at me. His gorgeous eyes were screaming for me to touch his arm. I grabbed his hand instead while I studied the beautiful man that loved me so much…it would hurt when he had to leave. His skin was tan…almost like he had been swimming for weeks. His face was covered in five o'clock shadow that tickled my lips when I placed them on his cheek. His eyes were a silver, almost golden color that sparkled with hope and beauty. His lips were soft and thin, but when they were pressed against mine, nothing could describe it. He pulled my close to his body and we were almost one …lying there …together …breath –.

- - -

"Auntie, it's time for school! We're late!" My eye shot open to see three tiny children huddled around my bed. George, the youngest was cross-dressed. He was wearing a pink shirt of his sisters and a skirt. Seeing how he was the only boy, I couldn't blame him. Samantha, the middle child, stood in a green dress that I absolutely hated. Her green eyes matched the vomit colored dress and I sighed. Lilly, the oldest of my sisters, was perfectly dressed in some sneakers, pants, and a Fender shirt her mother had picked out three months ago.

"Lilly, please go get George dressed in pants and a Tonka shirt." I screamed as I jumped out of bed and raced to the bathroom. "Samantha, please go pick out some pants and that pink shirt that I bought you last week."

"Auntie, I don't want to wear a pink shirt. I want to wear a black shirt." Samantha whined.

"If you want to be gothic," I yelled from the shower, "Then why in the world are you wearing a green dress with pink flowers? Go put on the pink shirt, now." Samantha marched out of the bathroom and screamed curse words at me.

That girl is so much trouble, I thought to myself as I washed way the remains of Derek from my hair. That is what I had decided to call him because we never really talked in our conversations. We kissed and giggled. We held hand and laid our heads on each other chest, but we never talked. It was strange, but I loved the relationship Derek and I had. I love the way I felt safe when we were together. I sighed and rinsed Derek out of my hair and turned the shower off. Now was not the time to be daydreaming.

- - -

Five minutes later, George was dressed like a boy. Samantha was in jeans and Lilly was out of breath. I was dressed properly and ready to start the car. Samantha whined about how unfair life was. She told me she was going to kill herself and that I was a terrible aunt as we drove down the street to the school yard. When she said this George started to cry and Lilly started to yell at her. The car screeched to a halting stop and I turned around into the backseat.

"George, Samantha is not going to kill herself." I told him softly, my eyes glanced over to the devil spawn and I turned to Lilly. His cries turned into sniffles and he shook his head.

"Lilly, please, let me handle Samantha next time. Okay?" Lilly crossed her hands over her chest and shook her head. She looked at me with understanding eyes. She knew how hard this was on me. I had no clue how Jennie's children were feeling about this, but I bet they felt terrible.

"Samantha, I am so sorry that I didn't let you wear black today. Want me to buy you black lipstick while I'm at it? You need to stop being so pushy…I am doing the best frickin' job that I can!" I threw my hands up to add drama to the scene. George sat there quietly and then slowly raised his hand in the air and I turned my head around one more time before I started the car again.

"George?" I whispered as I he grinned with eagerness. He was practically shaking from excitement.

"Auntie, what's "frickin'" mean?" He smiled and I groaned. Today was going to be a long day. I started the car and sped to the school. I couldn't wait to drop the mini devils off at the school so I could be with Derek again.

Ah…Derek… I thought to myself as rolled up to the school. Golden Pine Elementary is my savor!

I thought I was? A male voice asked inside my head. Derek was talking to me. I loved the feeling of his thoughts moving around within me. My feeling of loneliness flew away as soon as Derek swam through my head.

You're my savor, but in a different way. You're amazing… I smiled and drove home. It was time to sleep again. This time I wouldn't be interrupted.

- - -

The wind was blowing softly as I walked up the stairs to my house. The deck creaked from my weight and I moaned. I was tired of coming home to hear the lonely groan of the stairs. I was tired of dreaming about an imaginary man that could never exist. In needed to stop being so childish - I had to take care of Jennie's children. I needed to get control. I whispered to myself as I took the key out of the doorknob and turned around. It was time for a walk with myself – without Derek.

I coughed a couple times as I walked past the local Starbucks. It was my throats way of telling me a needed coffee, but had promised myself I wasn't going to spend extra money on unneeded supplies. I had four people to think about now – not just one. I mumbled to myself as I walked faster pass the Starbucks. Minutes later, I found myself dashing through the doors of the coffee shop. The craving was so great that I got a venti vanilla bean. The man, my usually Starbucks supplier, chuckled, "Have an addict craving, darling?" I smiled as I sucked on the straw and backup; right into a man holding black coffee in his hands.

He dropped his plastic coffee cup. I couldn't blame him. The coffee was pretty hot. He picked up a napkin and wiped himself off. He turned to me and I was expecting him to yell, so I looked at the ground. Just like a child that was being scolded. He put his fingers under my chin and the fire that appeared when Derek touched me kindled.

"Are you okay?" He asked and I looked into his eyes. They were Derek's eyes. I examined his face and realized that it was Derek's face. I nearly jumped out my skin. I shook my head and gather my stuff and his that had fallen when we had collided. He helped and then started to turn away with his backpack.

"What's your name?" I asked him and he turned around. His eyes seemed to be filled with mystery.

"Pardon me? I didn't hear you." He beamed. It was Derek's smile. I felt like I was going to burn into a crisp.

"What's your name?" I asked again, this time I was a little flirtier. His eyes grinned with him and I felt at peace with the world.

"Ian. Ian Kennedy."

"Well, Ian, I am Isabella. But you can call me Izzy…or Bella. Umm…so…can I buy you a new coffee?" His sunbeam smile grew and I giggled. I felt painful shock run through my heart.


You're replacing me…Derek cried in furry. Replacing me, replacing me, replacing me... Derek moaned as I bought Ian coffee and walked down the street to my office with him. He whined as gave Ian my phone number and as I hugged Ian good-bye.

"I'll call you tonight…and maybe…we can get together?" I smiled as I lead my head on his shoulder. His hand tickled as it rubbed lightly along my back and I couldn't breathe. Derek use to do that. His thoughts came flooding through my head. He was yelling at me – well, more like crying, but it still hurt. His finger tangled in between by guts and pulled. I felt like throwing up. I pulled away.

"What's wrong?" Ian asked, "You look sick…" I shook my head and turned away. Derek was making me look bad. I was so afraid of losing Ian now. He was Derek to me. To Derek, he was a just a stranger trying to take me away. To Ian, I was just a silly girl that had spilt coffee all over his sexy body.

"Everything is fine. Call me." With that, I walked away. I had to get to work – I was already thirteen minutes late.

I crawled into my desk and got to work. Well, I tried to work. Ian was on my mind the whole time. Derek squirmed around my mind as he tried to break the though of Ian from me.

He isn't me – or I'd be fine, Derek bellowed. I wriggled around the seat as I tried to shake Derek away. We are kind of together… His moaning hurt me more than it hurt to let Ian go. Tonight, I would tell Ian that I couldn't see him anymore. My thoughts ran threw my head and Derek relaxed. He was glad. Soon, he would be the only man in my life now. He would be the only man in my life ever. He was selfish and I wish I had never dreamt him up now. Yes, he had given my broken heart a bath in romance. But I needed to move on. I needed out, but how?

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