A/N: Hello again

A/N: Hello again. Just a random little piece that is basically me in a nutshell.

Mad props to The.Wizard.Pen.Dragon for some con-crit last time that was made of awesome. So if you know how this can be improved, let me know!

Her long, powerful note draws to a climax and fades away. The audience is stunned into silence, until the first single clap breaks it, slowly erupting into manic applause, the roar of the crowd shaking the theatre. Her make up is melting, her face is streaking with tears, and a great goofy grin is stretched from ear to ear, but she doesn't care. She's made it.

As the crowd cheers on, she nods to the conductor to start an encore. Her mouth opens to sing, but she is interrupted by a call from backstage.


She pulls the hat off her head and throws it to the floor, stomping off the stage, out of her dream, and back into the kitchen for a gourmet after-show meal of chicken nuggets and chips, garnished with spaghetti hoops.