Beach Trash

At the beach
I say I love you and I mean it,
as shells giggle on the shore.
You never liked that romantic shit--
You always say it's uncalled for.

At the beach
I should chuck jellyfish at you like snowballs,
but, oh, it's bad for their bones.
So perhaps it's time for sticks and stones
to get involved in this brawl.

At the beach
you say you never loved me at all.
I wish I were smart
or that razor clams were sharp,
cause that would be a problem solved.

At the beach
I said I loved you and I meant it
as waves mingled on the shore
but I've had enough of your bullshit.
So I ditched you, locked my doors,
and drove far away from you.

In my mirror, you start to bitch and moan
And for once, you're the fool.
I laughed the whole way home.
I laughed the whole way home.