New story…I know I know I already am working on two others but I kind of thought this idea was unique and it involves werewolv

New story…I know I know I already am working on two others but I kind of thought this idea was unique and it involves werewolves instead of vamps so I'll probably lose a few readers but hey…it's my mind…my story….

Time is Running Out

They were fighting again; my father and my step-mother. And no my father wasn't the one who was throwing punches—in fact he was saving me from them. We had an agreement, him and I, I'd spend the night in the woods whenever the woman was crazed (which was every weekend almost and even during the week sometimes). At first he thought it would stop…so he didn't like me in the woods…alone…at night but as the bruises got a little bigger he finally encouraged my escape.

So I grabbed my backpack full of the essentials; two blankets, one pillow, insect repellent, one bottle of lemonade, a box of matches to start a fire, a flashlight, all the things needed to make smores, and one wooden baseball bat in case of emergency. So I laced up my tennis shoes and left through my window and I heard the yells from outside as I started to walk into the woods.

I welcomed the noises that greeted me as I entered the woods along a long worn out walking path; the chirping of crickets, the hoots of owls, and the buzzing of cicadas. My friends didn't even know how I spent most nights…alone. They didn't know about what it was like to live in a home like the one I did. And they certainly didn't know I was a whole lot stronger than they thought I was. After all…if you get picked second to last in dodge ball—the only reason you didn't get picked last was the fact you were nice to everyone—it had nothing to do with your inability to through the damn ball.

Finally reaching my small clearing with my fire-pit and smooth dirt sleeping area I started to unpack. Laying out my blankets and pillow, placing my baseball bat up against a close tree, and then started to light a fire. Soon the sound of crackling wood could be heard but I was full so I decided not to eat my smores...hell tomorrow was Sunday—I figured I could have them for breakfast. So I crawled into my blankets and pulled the hood of my French Club hoodie up to keep my ears warm I went to sleep listening to the crickets' song.


I woke up to a twig snapping near by and I automatically reached out to grab the handle of the baseball bat and I stayed in my warm nest of blankets. There was silence for a few moments…Must just be a rabbit or something…I rolled over and shut my eyes.


Okay…that was definetly closer…and the twig sounded more like a branch. Something big was coming. I pulled the blankets off of me and slowly stood up as a wolf walked into the clearing along with another wolf. One was a pretty white color and the other a midnight black…Oh hell Kira , stop thinking about how pretty they are and run….I took off at a sprint and I head bunches of twigs breaking behind me before I heard some in front of me. I stopped and went right and almost fell. I had never been this deep into the woods and hadn't realized there was a gully until I fell into it. I figured I'd just try to lay low…maybe they'd lose my sent…after all in the steep gully all I could smell was moist dirt.

I was gasping when I heard a growl and I held my breath. Please God…please please please let them go away…let them lose my scent….please.

Suddenly I felt a shadow from the moonlight pass over my head and suddenly the white wolf was in front of me and I raised my bat high.

"Wolf I swear to God I will hurt you if you come any closer," my voice was low as it watched me, "I don't really want to…so just leave. Okay?"

There was a glint in it's eye as it stepped closer—like it was purposely trying to defy me. So I made try on my promise…I swung my bat and a defening loud SNAP! Filled the woods as the bat was broken right out of my hand and the black wolf had one half of it in it's mouth. These were totally wolfs on steroids or something….no animals could crack a wooden baseball bat like that. So I tried a different tactic…I begged.

"Please…." I was whimpering as it drew closer and I knew it was no use trying to talk to the damn thing but I figured I'd try anything to prevent myself from being eaten, "Just let me go wolfies…I was just trying to sleep outside….please."

They actually laughed….deep and throaty as the white one came closer. They were freaking laughing at me!

"Stop laughing you creppy beasts!" I snapped which made them laugh harder in their own little wolf was before I heard what sounded like bones cracking and the white wolf was now human—a very hot human guy….but still…he was just a wolf. "What the hell?" Then I yelled as the black one suddenly sunk his teeth into my arm…I was paying so much attention to the now boy (instead of wolf) that I hadn't even noticed the black wolf getting closer. I started to black out and I felt the guy lean over me and pick me up.

"It'll be ok girl….we'll be back in the pack house soon," his voice was low and soothing as I clutched my arm, "time's running out. It's almost morning and we've got to get you to bed. Your new pack's waiting."

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