The Survivors

The Survivors

I knew what you were going through

I felt the same way

Not so long ago

I was so close to the end

Until you had shown me

That there was a point to everything

That I should be here

That I needed to be here

Why did you do it?

Did you once think of us?

The lost

The broken

The left behind

I know how it feels to be lonely

To be sad

To be hurt

To be forgotten

I just wish you could have held on

So I would still have someone

To tell everything to

To laugh with after school

To cry with when the door is closed

When the windows are shut

When the lights are out

When we think we're alone

But I knew I was never alone

Because you were always there with me

Telling me that if I could make it through the night

The sun would shine again

That if I made it through the fight

I could see you one more time

Now I just want to know

If you ever felt the same way

If you ever knew I was there

Even if I was a million miles away

But I can never ask you

Because you let go

And I'm still holding on

To join the army of the deficient

The lost

The broken

The left behind

The survivors