Is it safe?

I am alert, panicked.

My lungs breathe heavily

stifled weight inside my chest

I look quickly, desperately.

Checking for a clear way

I run into a darkened corner.

I shudder in the fetal position

tears mark wet highways down my face.

Loving hands have beaten me

caressing arms have cut me

belts whipped

body thrown

Is it safe?

Is it safe?

I hear footsteps and I run

approaching a street corner

I am distracted by a dim streetlight

A car runs me over

My crippled body

pours forth blood

as life and soul escapes me

I cry out to help

familiar faces approach

warmly they smile

as they proceed to break my limbs

and my screams rasp hoarsely

Is it safe?

Is it safe?

My body lies broken on the ground

eyes waiting for death look up to heaven

Another face blocks out the moon

I cringe and whimper

her hand is on my chest.

Immense warmth spreads through me

healing my wounds.

I smile, and she helps me stand up.

It's safe now.