Chapter 10

I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I put my moccasins on and walked downstairs. John was with Robert flipping pancakes.

"Hello my sleeping beauty," John said.

"Hi," Robert said slowly.

The pancakes were still in doughy form as John dropped M&M's into the pancakes. The tops of the pancakes browned ever so slightly just how I like them. Robert flipped them over with a spatula. John let them stay just until the M&M's started to melt, and then flipped them high into the air two at a time, picked up a plate, and caught them.

"You never told me you could make pancakes, so now I'm dating a great chef, awesome basketball player, and a hot guy. I don't think that gets any better," I said.

"It smells good," I said,

"You forgot one thing in your list of my good qualities," John said.

"What's that?"

"I can kiss really well, right?" he asked.

"The best I've ever seen." I giggled.

"The last time I heard that I fell off my dinosaur laughing," my brother said. "Every gushy mushy couple does that in the movies, but they are never cooking pancakes on a griddle."

"Hah," John said. "I haven't heard that one before."

"That means you haven't spent nearly enough time at my house yet," I said

"Gushy Mushy sounds like a name for a flavor of chocolate." John said.

"Sounds more like a Fergie song to me," I said.

I opened up the cupboards to take out plates and glasses. I set them down at the table and put the syrup in the microwave to make it hot. A brilliant idea came to my mind. I flung open the door to the fridge and grabbed the chocolate syrup and strawberries.

I set them down next to John's plate. The guys came over with a plate stacked high with perfect M&M pancakes. I took two off the top and started pouring strawberries and chocolate syrup on my pancakes. Robert took three as he was in the middle of a growth spurt and he needed to keep eating. John took three as he was getting taller every day too. Robert poured on the pure maple syrup we had just gotten from New Hampshire. We got it for free because when my brother broke his leg and it was maple syrup promo day anyone who broke anything got free maple syrup every month for the next 3 years fresh as possible. We chewed in silence.

"This is delicious guys, thanks," I thanked them.

"It was easy, but we won't reveal our secret method, will we Robert?" John nudged.

"Secret isn't quite the right word. Using a mix is more like it," he said between chomps on his mighty stack of pancakes.

"Secret is what the instructions were but too late for that," John replied.

"So what have you got planned for us today?" I asked.

"You will have to just wait and find out won't you?" He said with a smirkā€¦