A.N.:I changed the prologue to fit better with the story, though you might just skip it if you want, 'cause it's just some explanations that can be found on the first chapters. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!


Have you ever felt abandoned by everyone you love? I did. And that's why I decided to not love, at least not in that deep feeling of love. Something rather easy when you are mostly avoided by the ones around you.

I lived most of my life in a boarding school. My mother died when I was very small, around the age of five. My father married another woman a year later. And his new wife brought along a very annoying daughter about my age. That's when the things started to change and go against me, for my father was a very busy businessman, so I had to spend my time with my stepmother and her adorable child. The woman had no patience with me, and her daughter was no piece of cake to deal with. And soon I saw myself being left in that school. My father never said a word of opposition.

At school I'm not really popular, but everyone knows me. I'm what you can call social reject, and I do nothing to change it. I don't really like to be on the spotlight, so I try to keep my presence the most inconspicuous possible. I had two friends, companions and roommates. Friends, because we used to be together like glued to each other; companions, because we shared the same feelings towards the world and our families. We were left at that school by people who thought of us as burdens.

Most of the time I was at school, I missed home. Most of the time I was home, I missed school. At least at school people don't like me because they don't need to, and because I do nothing to please them; and there I can be myself as well, no need to please people I don't like and that doesn't care about me. But at home, they should at least give me some caring. My father used to give me a lot of attention and I missed it so much when I had to share it with two more people. And suddenly, I had no more attention. I'm used to being left behind anyway.