The last year of school was the best one I could have never imagine passing in that place. Of course the girls company was what made it all that much better, but knowing that things changed so much in my life, and most of them for good, was what really gave me the feeling of having accomplished more in those three months of summer than for the whole eleven years since my mother died. My relationship with my father was probably what changed the most, now we can even talk in a friendly way without me getting annoyed and throwing things at his face at each five minutes, or him speaking in reprimanding tones at everything I do. The rest of the family stayed just the same, though Amaris married Nathan right after graduation and moved out to a small apartment near their college, where she's struggling to finish studies while looking after the house and their son; a very cute little boy may I add. My grandparents, and the other relatives, barely talk to me now, especially after a very stressful family dinner we had and I snapped at them; you can see that I don't think I lost anything with that.

The friendships I begun that summer I will probably take to the rest of my life, mainly Bianca, for her and Mark are still pretty much serious and already started talking about marriage and stuff. Since Hailey and Kiara are so alike, they even decided to go to the same college and take the same course, they can't seem to stay away from each other anymore, though one would think that for being so alike they wouldn't stand a long time together.

Lilah is the only one I can say I see the most now, but just because she decided to go to the same college I had enrolled in. Though we live in the same apartment, a birthday present from Emilia, we have different schedules and I can only really see her in the weekends, when we sometimes drive to visit Kiara and Hailey or they drive to visit us.

Now, my relationship with Aden is the one that I will always cherish the most, even when we decided to be just friends after going to different colleges, one in each extreme of the country. It was mostly because of the distance than anything else, for, I can say from my side, I still love him more than anyone I have ever met or let get close enough to be a part of my life.

A.N.: I know that the ending didn't please most (probably none), but my intention was to only write about Cait's summer vacation, and that had to end at some chapter (unfortunately). I did have an idea for a sequel, but for now there'll be none; I've got lots of things in my head and lots of ideas as well, and I wanna explore other possibilities before really considering writing some sequel (especially because I'm not so sure about who's point of view I should write in - I'm kinda tired of Cait's, and we all know already how she thinks).
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