bOf Course/b

Of Course

Of course this would happen. On the one night that there's a blackout, my flashlight dies. And of course my only other light source would be a crappy book light which is threatening to go out any minute now. Of course this is also the weekend that my roommate is away to her hometown, meaning I am alone in my apartment.

I was in the kitchen, muttering while I fixed some instant coffee—seeing how I probably wasn't going to sleep anytime tonight—when the book light finally basically said "screw this" and died, pitching me into darkness.

Damn windowless apartment. I can just hear my roommate now. Oh, the less windows, the less likely we'll be robbed. I knew I shouldn't of listened to her.

The floorboards near the door creaked as if someone was pushing down on them—or pushing up…no, I will not resort to hallucinations. I'm not seven. It was probably just the building settling…or a rat. I grabbed a bread knife from the holder just to be sure.

I crept to the door, glancing around trying to see through the darkness. Nothing showed. I cursed my own paranoia and returned to my coffee. I still kept my grip on the knife…just to be sure. I grabbed the temporarily forgotten book light and hit it against the counter a couple of times, hoping to knock it back into working. I had no such luck, of course.

Muttering curses to the inanimate object in my hand, I walked over to the drawer that contained the batteries. The light probably took triple-As, which I had bought just a week ago. Just as I reached the drawer, the floorboards creaked again, only this time near the kitchen table. I spun around holding up the kitchen knife in what I hoped to be at least the tiniest bit threatening. Nothing was there.

"Okay, Hannah," I called taking a few steps toward the table, "you got me. Ha ha." I glanced around. "Hannah, this isn't funny anymore. Come out already." My roommate didn't appear. Well, of course not, she's in Massachusetts. "Is anybody there?" My voice sounded shaky. I wouldn't deny that I was nervous.

I backed up, almost screaming when I touched the open drawer. Taking a few deep breaths, I attempted to calm myself. My grip on the kitchen knife grew slightly slick from my palm sweating. I had broken into a cold sweat.

Another creak in the floorboards, only this time it was right in front of me. My eyes grew impossibly wide.

Nothing was there. There was a cracking sound and a hand broke through the floorboards to my right. I froze as all logical thought processes screeching to a halt. Another hand broke though on the other side of me. I found my voice and screamed bloody murder, hoping anyone would hear me. All the floorboards beneath my feet suddenly caved in as the hands grabbed my ankles. I was thrown to the ground by whatever had taken hold of me. The wind was knocked out of my lungs, forcing me to struggle to breathe.

A shadow lurked over me. The only things I could see of it were two solid red eyes and a sick smile full of sharp teeth.

"CalM DoWn My SWeET," it said, sounding like it had many different voices.

I screamed and rammed the kitchen knife into what I hope was its leg, hoping to deter it from me. It hissed and yanked the knife out of its leg and threw it out of my reach.

"DoN't bE IRaTiOnAl NoW," it berated.

The last thing I remember was its face growing closer.