Sad Love story

Sad Love story.

Her eyes swelled up with tears as he walked past.

He saw her but didn't think much of it.

She gasped as he tore her heart out of her chest.

He saw his girlfriend.

She went home crying that Finally,

She was over him not even noticing her.

He read a note that was slipped into his locker.

She sent a message to all of her friends, that she loved them, but they weren't enough.

He was frozen.

Her hands were shaking, she reached unsteadily

He was breathless.

For a knife.

He never knew.

She took a deep breath.

He smiled.

She bit her lip, as she he felt the same way.

Cut her wrists, lying on the floor with. . .

He planned on telling her the next day.

A note lying next to her.

He called his girlfriend, and

She wrote Love on her arm.

He dumped her over the phone.

Her last thoughts of him flashed through her head.

He couldn't wait.

She took her last breath, watching the blood.

He ran over to her house.

She lay, on her bed…

He knocked on the door and was let in by her mother.


He walked into her room smiling.

He froze.

He saw her. His heart broke.

He picked up the note it read:

"I'm still waiting for you to notice me"

He saw the knife. Picked it up.

He wrote Love on his arm.

He would remember her for the rest of his life.

She would haunt him.

He kept the note.

If you love someone, Tell them. Before it's too late.