Flatterer (let's see)

I turn my eyes away
you ask me if I'm ok?
as if you don't know
it's annoying
why didn't you ask me the same
bitch? When...
I cried, knelt down and begged
I didn't want to feel all dirty
but you couldn't care less.

Shut me in a small cage
let's see if I can be free.

Asphyxiate me with a collar
let's see if I can breathe.

I dislike dogs, maybe I'm one
a hungry one with frightened look
as if you're going to beat me up
low dreams, big ambitions
remind me this society is trash.

I'm tired of your good intentions
please, do the favor of not doing me any favors
if you want me to ask you sorry
want me more and fuck you.

Blindfold me (let's see)
if I can look at sun
without going blind.

Tie my hands and feet
let's see if I can run away.

I'm not a coward
I just hate your place.

(Your good smell and cash

drive me crazy)

Who's my owner?
give me a hard nut to crack
oops you've caught me red-handed!

(I thought as soon as I saw you

torn dress and cheap make-up

you're gorgeous crap)

Yeah, I'm stealing your ID

Gag me (let's see)
if I can say how
much you hurt me
cut me (let's see)
If you can lay the ghost of your past.

You're always saying such things
you'll kill me someday
do you like my pity smile?
It's my gift for your happy birthday
I'm the Flatterer you'll never be
'cause I can lie better than you.

Shut me in a small cage
let's see if I can be free.