Two hearts, two minds
set two different trails.
Ne'er meet they but once
and all is ruined.
Mother and daughter,
hostess and guest,
slaps in the face,
tears spilled,
and go they their separate ways.

Young mother,
abused and deserted,
did what she could
for daughter and son.
Hopes set high,
such promise they held.
She pushed for the best
and got better.

Teenage daughter,
her mother her life,
did what she was told,
but not without silent grudge.
World slacked behind
and she wanted normal,
no stereotype genius.
She rebelled

Temembering mistakes,
mother remained strict.
Did what she thought best
and set guidelines most hadn't.
She drove them wherever,
but held expectations.
She thought they had heaven.
She prided the accomplishment.

Crazed for activities,
daughter joined all.
As much time away
was all she wanted.
At school all was normal,
with the exception of boys.
Off limits, one of the guidelines.
She was left out as classmates carried on.

Parent saw what she wanted;
what the desired outcome was and reasons behind.
Having told underage story,
she left out child's readiness.
Leaving child confused,
feeling not trusted,
the daughter questioned
why mother doubted teachings.

The girl slipped,
her grades fell.
She distanced from her maker,
ignored all and set her own path.
She lied to those she loved.
Too late to turn back,
she continued to lie,
as tears grew in her mother's eyes.

The mother was crushed,
her daughter's betrayal great,
as she watched her child
turn into the woman
she'd worked hard not to become.
The daughter hated actions,
but decided 'twas the enactor.
Mother and daughter crashed.

The shouting matches they shared
rang loudly through their ears.
Both felt remorse,
but, like mother like daughter,
neither spoke.
Their paths crossed, but once.
No more would they meet.
Mother still mother,
but Daughter no longer.
They hit and ricochet,
fleeting off at opposites,
paths ne'er cross again.