AP English Literature

A tale of two lovers
and your presence comes to mind.
What I'm supposed to do
isn't what's happening
and I'm frustrated with myself.
The exam in my face,
I'm pressed for time.
Why now? Not later?
And why this morning?
It still hasn't sunk in,
that you were there,
at just the perfect moment,
to meet me and wish me well.

A lot…a lot…a lot…
I wrote a lot and, to you,
well…a lot.
You know the rest.
A lot's never enough, I guess
When we're deprived of a lot,
and the time flies by…
Those moments are precious,
so we've soaked them in.
Time is precious, especially now,
and here I am, watching it…
Tick, tock, the numbers go up,
as my time runs out.