AP US History

I sit here surrounded,
yet I'm alone, it seems.
The time moves too slow
as I fidget in my seat.
When I want to be
distracted, I'm not.
It sucks as I watch the time,
tick, tock, tick, tock.
Wondering where you are,
I'd take class over this.
Yes, ever Mister Ben.
I'll deal with it somehow.

Smiling at our fellows,
everyone's restless; waiting like me.
Still can't set my mind;
it's blank as I die from boredom.
The questions were unanswerable,
so I sit for an hour.
I need to write, yet can't.
Cheating, they'll say
and discovered in my musings.
Ten, nine, eight, I can't take it.
Three, two, one, and she wants me to sit?!
It's over, but I'm here, not there.
Fidgeting 'til arrival, I skip back to lunch.