A ray escapes and I smile again
a shred of hope, stream of light
projector brings back glimpses of you
thought, who you are, I don't know.

Caged away, the bird twitters songs.
not of happiness, as birds wild and free,
but sadness, as of death was approaching.
Wings crippled, lark can't escape.

Sit with you. Speak, smile with you
though apart we may be at times.
Still quarantined, no more than bird,
eyes tell story with tears.

Whimpering puppy, held by leash.
Bound, but comforted by passerby.
Stay they for seconds, minutes as
grows quiet with the happiness of the beholder.

Mind shut down, spark ne'er register
everything jibberish, a foreign language
The world's a book unreadable,
pages remain unturned, not creased, unmarked.

The cat grows weary, spirit exhausted.
No longer what once was thought,
intel erased; clever nor agile.
Golden eyes flutter to a close.