October 4, 2005

Dead Men's Highway

It is a dangerous and infrequently traveled path, passing through deep, dark forests, and tall, robber- infested mountain passes. The path traverses long, swaying, bridges and swamps that seemed endless. With all these dangers that they would have to face, it's almost shocking that there are any who travel along Dead Men's Highway, or the Dead MH as some call it. And yet there are. For instance, my Uncle Steve does. He would visit us with the news that he was going along Dead MH with "Bulls Eye Bill" or "Lucky Jack" or "Wandering Winston" or one of the other "Highway Adventurers". Uncle is not one of them himself, but he is friends with many, and is just as welcomed as if he belonged. Mother doesn't like him going. She never had and I don't believe she ever will. She says the Highway is too dangerous for any sane man to travel. So one can imagine my surprise when she let me go with Uncle Steve that one time he asked if I could accompany him on his next journey to Dead MH. I will never know how he convinced her, or why she said yes, but the fact of the matter is, Mother let me go. Of course I was exited, like any boy would be, when I heard the news. I had always secretly wished I could join the Adventures someday; however I knew how Mother felt about the matter. But now, NOW, I was actually going. The next few days I helped Uncle Steve get ready for the trip, but it seemed to take forever before we were underway. When we finally were, I tried to prepare myself for the surprises and dangers I thought I would face, but nothing could have prepared me for The Adventures 'Round the Next Bend.

Author's Note: The is a prologue for a story I might someday write called The Adventure's 'Round the Next Bend.